4 Eye Creams That Make You Look Less Tired and Old

One of the simplest ways to look better? Use an eye cream.

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As you age, so does your skin. It droops a little more around the jowls, and creases around your mouth in ways you kind of wish it wouldn’t. One of the biggest telltale signs you’re not 20 anymore: Your eyes, where the thinner, more delicate skin is especially susceptible to side effects of aging. That means the healthy collection of fat cells just below skin level that add fullness to your face starts disappearing as you get older, creating dark, hollow circles beneath your eyes (truth told, toddlers have dark circles under their eyes too). Crow’s feet creep in, and life’s stressors trigger an inflammatory response that leads to puffiness around your lids.

For all of these unpleasantries, there is a solution: Eye cream. Yeah, yeah, eye creams aren’t your thing. Well, they should be. When you’re ready to wage all-out war on the sad, sorry, droopy-lidded look you’re now sporting, you’ll get over that part. Because it’s one of the easiest things you can do to take care of your face. Here are six of the best eye creams for men, and what they do.

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