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The 8 Best Laptop Stands for Fixing Your Slouch

Your neck is your friend. Take care of it.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean developing back pain and terrible posture. Balancing your laptop on your knees as you sit cross-legged on the couch or hunching over it at a too-low desk aren’t doing your body any favors. But you also don’t need to invest in bespoke ergonomic furniture. A good laptop stand can help bridge the gap, allowing you to customize your existing furniture to your proportions, making for a much more comfortable WFH setup.

A good laptop stand elevates your computer to a height more conducive to good posture. Some just provide added height, while others are more customizable, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of your laptop for your bed, desk, and any other surface. Some laptop stands are designed to let you use the laptop’s built-in keyboard, while others can be used with a separate keyboard. No matter the criteria you’re looking for in a laptop stand, a more comfortable workday awaits you.

This sleek, minimalistic stand leaves plenty of open space for ventilation. The legs are lined with silicone pads to prevent slipping.

This stand starts flat and compact but expands into nine different height and angle options. The carved-out center provides ventilation to prevent overheating, and the angled part is secured with a sturdy leg that allows it to hold up to 22 pounds. There are even two slide-out phone holders.

If adding height to your laptop is your main concern, this wooden stand provides a much better-looking alternative to a stack of books and creates some room for storage underneath, too.

This adjustable laptop stand ranges in height from 5 to 7 inches tall, and the angle of the top platform can be adjusted to maximize comfort. It's one of the easier stands to adjust: just twist the knob on the back.

If you're looking for a slight lift and a stand that won't take up much space, these handsome risers do the trick. Made from recycled chopsticks, the 'legs' hold a 17-inch laptop on a more ergonomic angle, and fit in even the smallest of drawers when not in use.

This stand delivers maximum adjustability with minimal frustration. Unlike the complicated knobs or pulley systems that make other desks adjustable, this very analog stand uses a wooden platform that can slide in and out of five different slots. The slots range from a few inches to two feet from the tabletop, enabling you to go from a slightly elevated surface to a full-blown standing desk. It sits on top of a regular desk, and even has a slot for propping up your phone.

This exceedingly good-looking laptop or monitor stand is made of ash wood and makes any WFH area feel cooler. It's compact — just about 4 inches high by 9 inches deep — but offers smart storage in its compartments, which has adjustable dividers.

This laptop stand's superpowers are versatility and compactness. It folds up into about the shape and size of a paper fan, and expands to offer eight height options ranging from 5.5 inches to 12.6 inches above a desk. It's an affordable dupe for the Roost laptop stand, a cult favorite that sells at more than double the price.

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