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The Best Toddler Tables and Chairs That Aren’t Eyesores

Pop a squat.

All the world’s most ambitious plans, indispensable inventions, and architectural masterpieces have at one point or another been unfurled dramatically on a worktable, where great minds can go to work. It’s no different with toddler tables and chairs, which give kids a space of their own to draw their artistic masterpieces, build Lego structures, and break bread together during snack time. At the same time, the best toddler table and chairs allow you to protect your fancy, adult dining tables and upholstered chairs from the horror shows we call slime and kinetic sand. And all this is especially pertinent as so many youngsters begin preschool, or pre-K, remotely, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When choosing toddler furniture sets, make sure you get a set that’s the right size for your child’s age and size, but can also grow with them. You don’t want something minuscule that you’ll throw out in six months. Kids’ chairs tend to stand 10 to 12 inches off the ground, making them easy for kids to manage without requiring assistance to get up or down. The chairs you choose should be sturdy and durable enough to support older kids too. Consider how many chairs you need, how easy the set is to assemble and to clean, and whether you want to keep it out or store it when it’s not being used.

The Best Toddler Play Table & Chair Sets

So pretty that we wish this came in adult sizes, these beechwood table and chairs are streamlined and simple. The surfaces are easy to wipe down and you can mix and match colors. There's no set weight limit on the chairs.

This perfect little toddler table has storage in the center for art supplies, and kids can draw on the desktop with chalk.

Simple, streamlined, and easy on the eyes, this set is durable and fairly simple to put together. You can choose one of four colors, each of them equally inoffensive. Each chair has an 81 pound weight capacity.

Regularly, this sweet little set will set you back $164.99. You get one table and four chairs, each with a weight capacity of 81 pounds. The chairs are made of wood, while the table is a combination of wood and MDF. You wipe everything down with a wet cloth to clean it.

Yes, you'd normally pay $785 for this set. Crazy, right? Sure, it's cute, but the discount is even cuter. You get one bench, two stools, and a rectangular table. The weight capacity of each chair is 150 pounds. And everything is made of MDF. It's a perfect set if you need roomy seating for kids doing schoolwork at home.

Experts encourage parents to set up specific nooks at home, where kids can read, or work on math problems, or simply chill out. This is that nook. It comes fully assembled. And it's an adaptable table and chair set with pieces that can be used as tables, chairs, stools, desks, benches, side tables, or shelves. The chairs have a 165 pound weight limit.

These whimsical yet practical wood chairs are just cute enough without being cloying. The ursine backs are a nice touch, and the weight limit is 250 pounds.

What goes perfectly with those bear-themed chairs? Why, this table of course, made from Baltic birch plywood and topped with a scratch-resistant high pressure laminate.

Adorably tiny but surprisingly sophisticated, this table and and chair set is among the hardiest and most adaptable — lighter than most, the stools (which also come in aqua, red, and navy) can hold up to 220 pounds, so it's a set that never looks babyish and can grow with kids.

If you love bright colors (and find us a kid who doesn't), this well-crafted set is a winner. It's made of solid wood, so it'll serve your family for years — the chairs have an 11.25 inch height and support up to 100 pounds each.

For a more classic, subtle look, this finished-wood table and chair set, sized for kids ages 3 to 8, is easy to assemble. It's unobtrusive and looks at home in any room of your house. The chairs are have a 100 pound weight limit, are tip-resistant and have a seat height of 11 inches, so they'll last your kids a good long time.

Made of painted high-quality wood, this kids table is super solid, and can grow with kids well out of toddlerdom. The matte finish is easy to keep clean, so it keep looking sleek even after enthusiastic use. These simple, well-made stools can be redeployed all over the house wherever kids need a place to perch.

Sturdy, classic and colorful, this is a kid activity magnet. This set looks tastefully cheerful anywhere in the house, but it also works outside, for messier projects and/or sunny days, with an easy-to-clean surface for errant crayon marks.

If you want a retro kiddie set that fits in with your adult home decor, this table and chair set is for you. You can also build on to this set, meant for kids three and older, by adding a step stool and extra chairs. Assembly is super-easy, with no tools required. You just spin the table and chair legs on. And the chair weight limit is 150 pounds.

You could argue that round tables offer workspace advantages over their square brethren — kids can crowd around a project more easily, and maneuver round and round, whether they're piecing together a puzzle or building a papier-mâché volcano. Comes with two chairs, available in white, pink, or gray.

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