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The Best Kids’ Sleeping Bags for Epic Campouts

Camping, but make it comfy.

All it takes is one faulty piece of gear to tear down a majestic outdoor camping experience and turn it into miserable slog. Kids’ sleeping bags are one of the easiest ways to do this because many parents mistakenly believe that the cheap, blanket-style bags their kids already own (which were designed for indoor slumber parties and the rigors of your living room floor) will hold up in the Great Outdoors . Take it from us, it will not. They are heavy, cold, and completely out of place when central air conditioning is removed. When it comes to ensuring your child has positive experiences in the outdoors, it’s time to skip anything with Baby Yoda or the latest Disney princess and instead get one of the best children’s sleeping bags you can find.

Which bag you select is a matter of size, temperature rating, and comfort. If you’re within walking distance from the car, you can go heavier, but if the nearest road is miles down single track, favor weight and packability. Finally, consider shape, which affects how much room your child will have to wriggle during late-night ghost stories. The way to nurture a lifelong camper is to ensure he or she isn’t traumatized during those first experiences in the backcountry or campground, and a good children’s sleeping bag is the first step in a lifetime of nights spent outdoors.

The Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

Stuffed with lightweight Coletherm polyester (with hollow fibers to reduce weight) and outfitted with a generous contoured hood to keep kids warm around the ears, this is a budget-friendly bag for cool weather camping. Assuming your child is under 5 feet tall, it will keep them plenty warm down to about 30 degrees.

A durable, practical sleeping bag, this one has kid-friendly details like an interior pocket for a flashlight or a gaming device. Plus the curved hood keeps the pillow in place, so sleep is more comfortable. It'll keep kids warm in temps that hit 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and it weighs less than 3 pounds.

This lightweight sleeping bag is perfect for hikes that wind up being campouts. And thanks to the removable wings, you get total temperature control, plus added comfort. They wings can be stuffed into the pillow pocket when not in use. It's made of 20d waterproof ripstop nylon fabric, so it can be used in just about all conditions, even in temps that hit 17 degrees.

When comfort matters most, this one doesn't disappoint. Your kid gets a 30-degree mummy bag with a matching self-inflating air pad. And everything packs up nicely in a shared duffel when it's time to head out. The temperature rating on this sleeping bag is 30°F / -1.0°C.

This is a 'wearable' sleeping bag with Gingerbread Man-style arms to give children a bit more movement as they drift off. Featuring heavy-duty white duck down for maximum warmth and weighing just 6.5 ounces, this bag can handle the backcountry, your back yard, and everywhere in between.

This three-season mummy-style bag takes your youngster down to 30 degrees, which would include most shoulder seasons. It's also great because of the offset construction, ensuring top and bottom seams never overlap and therefore don't leak heat. An accessory pocket on the inside keeps a flashlight close by.

Designed for the young through-hiker, this lightweight, synthetic-insulated bag is ready to log miles. Rated down to 30 degrees, it also features a hood for further temperature regulation. Our favorite feature is an integrated stuff sack that allows the bag to be rolled up into it for breaking camp quickly.

Down bags tend to be warmer, pricier, and highly compressible, while their synthetic counterparts are more economical and offer better moisture resistance. This shrunken-down sleep sack (for anyone under 5 feet) features SpiraFil high-loft synthetic insulation rated at 30 degrees. Inside, kids will enjoy a comforter-like feel and anatomically shaped footbox.

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