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30 Unorganized Sports You Should Teach Your Kid This Summer

From Tag to Steal the Bacon, we rank the best games that are light on rules and heavy on fun.

Organized sports are great, but they’ve got some strikes against them, notably rules, equipment and, well, rules. Sometimes you need a game you can just play without much effort that invites a little bit of reckless chaos that doesn’t come with games filled with rules and regulations. Making a truly iconic unorganized sport can be a surprisingly tricky task, as the best require almost zero planning, minimal organization, and no safety equipment while still being a blast for your kids. Though honestly, even the worst, refined over the years while being passed down from one lightly bruised generation to the next, are still pretty great.

To qualify for this ranking, games had to be simple enough that the could be explained to a five-year-old in the space of two minutes yet have a sophisticated enough structure that winner and loser can be clearly delineated. Do the rules change? Sure. Are there myriad versions of these games? Absolutely. We haven’t even begun to crack the rich tradition of regional games. Does that matter? Absolutely not because these games are awesome, simple, fun, and easy to organize–though that might not be the right word.

With that in mind, here are our 30 favorite unorganized sports that you should probably teach your kid as summer rapidly approaches. From Kick the Can to Duck Duck Goose to plain old Tag, all of these activities have two very important things in common: they are light on rules and heavy on fun. Let the games begin…