The Fiercest Dinosaur Toys for Kids of All Ages

They are mighty. Hear them roar.

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A green turquoise dinosaur toy in front of a bright yellow background

Chances are good that you barely remember what you had for dinner last night, or who backstabbed whom on the most recent episode of Succession. Your dinosaur-obsessed child, on the other hand, can easily rattle off the difference between the diplodocus and the mamenchisaurus, and tell you with supreme confidence that of course the velociraptor was a feathered carnivore with enlarged claws. It’s no surprise, then, that these same kids are obsessed with cool, big dinosaur toys and figures. The best of the best are ferocious, powerful, and imaginative, capturing the imaginations of children across most age groups.

“Dinosaurs are exciting and powerful but relatable,” says education professor Keith Sawyer, who studies and teaches about creativity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “In the case of dinosaurs, both boys and girls play with them. It’s not gendered. That’s a really good thing.”

Of course, kids’ love for dinosaurs is ubiquitous, meaning that it can be hard to sort through the options and find the best dinosaur toys based on your kid’s interest. It’s especially difficult considering you probably aren’t an expert on prehistoric animals yourself. When choosing the best dinosaur toys, use your common sense: Pick the right toy for your child’s level of cognitive development. Make sure the toy is neither too challenging or too simplistic, or else kids will be bored or overwhelmed. And lean in to your kid’s preferences: If he loves puzzles, get him one; if she’s into action figures, go with those. Looking for the best dinosaur books for kids? We’ve listed our favorites here on a separate page.

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