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Best Toys For 8 Year Old Boys and Girls

Get your slime on.

So you now have an eight year old, or know one. Which means the hunt is on for the best toys for 8-year-old boys and 8-year-old girls.

According to Stanford Children’s Health, kids that age jump, skip, and chase each other. They dress themselves and can groom themselves (sort of, but parents know better than to leave them totally unsupervised). They’re able to use tools, can count backwards, read to themselves and enjoy it, grasp the concept of space, draw and paint, and they love collecting things. They tell detailed stories, and engage in team sports.

Kids this age are learning how to relate to peers, adjust to social rules, and evolve from free play to more intricately structured interactions with their friends. And the games they engage in are elaborate fantasy role-playing games, in which they’ll work towards a shared goal. They want to be increasingly independent, even if they often can’t handle it.

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And any parent knows that at this age, kids are more adept than lawyers at negotiating what they want, which is challenging at best. But on the flip side, being older means they are able to play for longer lengths of time, due to their heightened concentration skills. These are the toys they’ll love.

Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boys and 8 Year Old Girls 

Get kids to explore the magic of the night sky with this starter telescope.

Get kids interested in space with this fantastic telescope. It comes with an adjustable aluminum tripod. It’s portable and thanks to its all-coated glass optical components, the telescope provides clean, crisp views of the sky.

Road trips just got a lot, well, louder with this microphone that mimics James Corden's carpool karaoke segments.

Just pair this mic with a mobile device via Bluetooth and you are ready to sing along to Lizzo. Enjoy.

This smart Hot Wheels racetrack connects with the app and gives kids a real-world racing experience.

We honestly are hard-pressed to find a more intelligent blend of tech and old-school toys than this Hot Wheels set. When kids download the app, they can measure the racing performance of their cars. It’s a unique and totally connected racing experience. Kids can even scan cars using the app and then race them.

An arcade for your kitchen counter. Yes, people, the fantasy is real.

You plus this arcade game into an outlet and you’re ready to roll, no coins required. Kids get the experience of a real arcade game, without actually going to, you know, an arcade. And you can choose between a slew of cool games.

Star Wars fans can build the iconic Y-Wing Starfighter, which has rotating guns and a weapons loader with a turning crane and extra ammo.

Yes, the force sure is with you, Lego builders. Now kids can build the Y-Wing Starfighter, get it prepped for battle and send it on missions against the evil Galactic Empire.

Kids use play dough to learn the basics of electrical circuits in a hands-on way.

This great set teaches electrical circuits with conductive and insulating dough, letting kids squish, mold, and sculpt the dough while learning about engineering and tech.

Don't be a Muggle and get your 8 year old this Harry Potter Lego set, which features glorious winged horses.

This Lego set lets aspiring witches and wizards recreate the scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where the Beauxbatons’ carriage arrives at Hogwarts, pulled by winged horses, no less.

Kids can build their own working computer with programmable LED lights, DIY case, power button, wireless keyboard with track pad, memory, HDMI and power cables.

Kids learn to code by building their own computer and discovering how it actually works from the inside out. They can code their own games and make music and art.

Kids take these rather odd creatures and bend, pull, and twist them into whatever shapes they want.

Is this toy a brain twister? No. But it’s damn fun to take these ugly creatures and how much weirder you can make them.

Nerf's colossal Prometheus MXVIII-20k Rival blaster features an advanced ccceleration system that fires up to eight rounds per second.

Holy Nerf, everyone. This blaster is fully motorized and comes with a rechargeable NiMh battery and a wall charger. It holds up to 200 Nerf Rival rounds.

Instead of hitting the local candy aisle, kids can make their own edible gummies. Yum.

Kids learn about chemistry while cooking up their own rainbow and cloud gummies, which they can then consume. It’s a pretty delicious science concept.

Louis Vuitton? Make that Pooey Puitton, which is a purse that contains powders for making colorful slime.

It’s a pretty magical kit for making unicorn poop (otherwise known as slime). Kids can create colorful slime and store it in the fashion-forward purse, which has airtight containers so it’s always fresh.

By eight, your kid will be heavy into team sports, so get him or her this portable hockey set.

This set is stupid-easy to set up, and includes everything kids need to play street hockey and knee hockey. That means two adjustable plastic street hockey sticks, two ABS knee hockey sticks, one street hockey ball, and two foam knee hockey balls.

How dope is this: A keyboard can be held like a guitar and connects to your music library via the chord tracker app.

Once you connect the keyboard to your digital music library, your kid gets chord data transmitted via Bluetooth or MIDI. And this means your kid can play music like a (sort of) pro.

The name says it all. This STEM toy helps teach kids problem solving, introduces them to early physics, and hones their spelling and counting skills thanks to its use of tangrams.

This Osmo kit turns your iPad into a learning tool. Only kids don’t realize they’re learning. They do so by playing tangram, which lets them think in shapes. They use 500 different puzzles of different shapes and forms to create animals, people, objects, or whatever else they want. Do note, the actual iPad is not included in this kit.

Yes, sure, you can order soap from Amazon. Or you can turn it into a whole chemistry lesson by making your own.

You get a complete kit for melting and molding 10 entire soaps from scratch. Kids can add fragrance, glitter, and then actually use it to wash their hands. Which is an endless challenge for kids this age anyway.

Kids can work on their concentration and hand-eye coordination with this light-up tracing kit. Kids create their designs and then light them up using LED lights.

The kit includes 10 sheets of traceable designs, 10 blank sheets, one graphite pencil, 12 full-size colored pencils, and of course, the LED-lit light-up pad.

You can never, and we mean never, go wrong with a Nerf gun. This blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite. It has a detachable barrel so you can customize it.

This Fortnite SP-L blaster has an internal clip with a three-dart capacity, so you can shoot them in a row without reloading.

You'll never strike out with this tabletop bowling game, which brings the alley to your house (minus the nasty shoes).

Personalized bowling shirts are optional with this tabletop game, which is compact and includes one bowling alley board, one launch ramp, two mini bowling balls, ten pins and a dry-erase scoreboard. The premium wood surface is a bonus.

Abracadabra! This awesome magic kit features 10 magic tricks, including Disappearing Ball, Magic Coin Box, Secret Silks, Great Escape, Magic Number Prediction, Money Maker, Egyptian Prediction, Vanishing Zone, Cylinder Squeeze, and Vanishing Coin.

Bring Houdini home with this magic kit, which includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions for aspiring magicians and everything they need to put on a proper show.

Kids learn how their own body operates, and all about stuff that grows on the human body. Oh, and they can grow their own snot and slime with this science kit.

Kids this age love anything gross. Which is why they’ll be engrossed in this science kit, which explores such pressing topics as farts, bacteria, and molds.

Artie is a cute robot that teaches your kid to code. How? Your kid simply drags and drops blocks of code to tell Artie how and what to draw.

You download the app (of course), connect through your tablet, and then program Artie 3000 to draw whatever you want. Kids drag and drop blocks of code to tell Artie how and what to draw. He’s your personal Banksy.

Well, it's one way to learn to love science. This game lets kids make gummy worms and spiders from natural ingredients.

Who knows, maybe you’re raising a captain of the candy industry. But for now, let him or her make his or her own gummy candy using this handy kit. Sure, you could just buy pre-packaged ones, but that takes all the fun out of it.

Ahhh, how kids love these mythical equine creatures. Now, they can paint their own, for posterity. Or until they lose interest.

You get your stone, paint it whatever you want, and bake the stone in the oven for a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish. You can leave it in indoors, or use it to decorate your patio. Lucky you.

Just about every kid we know likes or loves or adores Roblox. Hence, they will like or love or adore this play set, featuring four iconic characters and loads of accessories.

Roblox has become nearly ubiquitous. If your kid is a fan, he or she will dig this intricate play set, which includes four beloved characters and crap-ton of accessories.

Kids can build a sweet set of wheels with a powerful pull-back motor, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler, wide black rims with low profile tires.

Kids can activate the powerful pull-back motor, let go, and watch their car race away. The engine pops out of the body on impact. Kids can reset it and start all over again.

This building set comes with 480 classic K’NEX parts and pieces, including rods and connectors that you attach to each other to build whatever you want.

Sometimes, basic is best. These pieces connect and let kids build whatever the hell they want. Plus, unlike static toys, these creations actually move.

It's Jenga, the next generation. This stacking game connects to your device, making it ever more competitive.

The new version of Beasts of Balance comes fully loaded with new augmented reality battle cards and seven new add-on packs.

No, your furniture is not safe. Yes, slime is hella fun. And this set has everything your kids need to make a mountain of it.

This jumbo non-toxic slime-making includes 18 different colored slimes, three cutting/shaping utensils, two plastic straws, 12 vials of colored glitter, two bags of sugar paper, three bags of beads, and six bags of foam balls, for something we can only dub slime-a-palooza. 

Poop jokes never go out of style. And it's one of the many reasons to love this game, which makes you have to plunge the toilet the number of times on the die.

When the turd flies out of the toilet, you want to be the first to catch it. The player with the most fecal matter wins, especially if it’s caught midair. Hand sanitizer not included. 

Kids this age love collecting stuff, and tops among that stuff are surprise toys like these eternally popular L.O.L. Dolls.

And what a surprise it is! You get a spy glass, a secret message sticker, surprise codes, a bottle, a mystery disguise, shoes, and, of course, a doll. Score! 

This super-cool set lets kids build a foldable Fantastic Beasts replica of Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures, with a ladder, nest, shelter and Occamy egg.

This 694-piece set is perfect for kids this age, because it encourages them to build the Newt’s Case together, and builds on their interest in all things Harry Potter.

Your kid gets nine buildable beasts, each packaged in a mystery, slime-filled egg, and once they open the aforementioned add, it releases a slime surprise and gives you the pieces to build your beast.

Let kids collect their beasts, which are weirdly fun enough on their own, but the slime factor gives it that extra oomph.

Kids this age love to draw really tricked-out pictures. Take it to the next level with this projector, which converts real pictures into sketches for kids to work from.

Coloring books are so, well, tired. Especially for kids this age. Instead, using the projector, they can use their favorite photos and even take pictures from a device, downloaded them to the smART Sketcher, and channel their inner Picassos and Kahlos.

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