The 14 Best Bath Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Not all babies love bath time. But even if your kid spends their first few months shrieking, they’ll eventually settle in enough to be distracted by a well-placed rubber ducky … or tugboat, octopus, and rain cloud, as it were. This baby bath toys roundup covers all the bases, from squirters to stackers to pourers that can also rinse hair. Not to mention whales that double as storage for all of the above. Add these to the mix and it won’t be long before your toddler is purposely finding new ways to make a mess of themselves just so they can have another bath. Congratulations?

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Boon Scrubble Interchangeable Bath Toy Squirt Set

Hold these mix-and-match, water-squirting eggs over your kid’s head to show them what getting clean looks like after the bubble bath days end. Or just hand them over because you know that water isn’t staying in the tub, anyway.

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Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy

Stacking baby bath toys are beneficial for fine motor skills, visual perception, creative play, and even language development. These little birdies have spouts, too, so you can pour water to wash your child’s hair.

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Green Toys My First Tug Boat

Ah, the noble tugboat. The perfect toy to teach your kid the value of hard work and perseverance. Plus, it’s made from recycled milk containers, so it’s a great incentive to get them to drink their milk, at least according to the company. That may be a bit of a stretch.

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Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop

This multifunctional tool is a mountable bath toy holder with ample space to store and air dry all those toys, and also the best toy in the tub. Because kids always prefer the box the stuff comes in over the actual stuff. Oh, and it scoops water to rinse your kid.

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Hevea Alfie Junior Rubber Duck

They say there’s no manual, but if there was, on page one, in big, bold letters it would say: “KID MUST HAVE A RUBBER DUCKIE.” You’d never make it to the part where it says duckie must not be made of gross, unsafe plastic, so to save you the trouble, here’s a 100-percent natural rubber one. And it doesn’t even squeak.

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Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Bring the fun of the circus to the bath tub. It’s number one on Amazon’s preschool bath toys list, so your kid will likely be captivated by this floating ring toss game. Plus, who couldn’t love that octopus.

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Plan Toys Speed Boat

Plan Toys makes sustainable, wooden toys that give back to the environment as much as the gas-guzzling vehicles they’re modeled after take away. This speed boat is made from non-toxic wood, so it’s as safe on the water as it is in a baby’s mouth.

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Moluk Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy

That’s not what the weatherman meant by, “Chance of showers,” but you shouldn’t have to pray for actual rain every time you want to get your kid clean. This toddler bath toy can also cleverly illustrate basic physics and the water cycle to your kid, so it doubles as an educational tool.

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Smilo Bath Boats

It didn’t take Smilo long to expand its product line from innovative pacifiers and bottles to fun bath toys. This set of four stacking boats not only lets them fine-tune their motor skills but also serve as captain of an entire fleet.

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SoapSox Wash Mitt, Harper the Hippo

SoapSox are stuffed animals that can go in the tub. Better still, they transform into a scrub mitt. Not a fan of hippos? SoapSoxs come in dolphins, sharks, Disney characters, and more.

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Sago Mini

Sago Minis popular line of playsets and characters are officially ready for the pool. They’re detachable for easy cleaning and are sold both in two-packs in stores or eight-packs online.

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Haba Bubble Bath Whisk

If the seas are too calm for your little Ahab, this bubble bath whisk will stir things up.

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Educational Insights GeoSafari Underwater Explorer Boat

The perfect bath toy for a future marine biologist, this magnified-glass bottom boat lets kids see the grime on the tub floor up close. It’s meant to encourage STEM learning, which may explain why it won a Parents’ Choice Award.

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Skip Hops Pull-and-Go Monkey

Unlike other pull-and-go toddler bath toys on the market that pull but don’t go, Skip Hop’s monkey-in-a-sub actually does zip across the tub. Not only that, but it encourages fine motor skills in the kid who’s yanking the string.

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