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The Best Bath Bombs for Kids to Get Their Fizz On

And just like that, bath time battles are over.

Sooner or later, your once bath-loving child will become astonishingly allergic to soap and hot water and will simply refuse to bathe. You can battle it out. You can cajole. You can try bribes. Or, you can load up on the best bath bombs for kids to make the whole waterborne experience less of a horrific, scream-filled ordeal.

For the uninitiated, bath bombs are colorful, hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients that fizz when you dump them into water. Some of them even have surprise toys in them, which are revealed when the bath bombs dissolve. The best of them smell wonderful. They’re guaranteed to at least temporarily renew interest in bath time, making it, maybe not exactly a joy, but at least a tolerable part of your routine.

As with all things that touch the skin, read the ingredients. Bath bombs generally are made of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), citric acid, and a mix of essential oils for the scent and dyes for the color. Some have more stuff in them than others, so use your judgment and if unsure, do a patch test. Generally, they’re considered safe for kids three and older but parents should rinse children under clear water after the bath to get rid of any residue.

If your child is a scent mixologist, he or she will appreciate these bath bombs. You drop as many as you want in the water to create your very own custom smell. Each bomb is one inch, so they're sized just right for kid hands.

Bath time can be a perfect time to discuss more important things than toys. Like trailblazers Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, and Maya Angelou. All of these bath bombs have magnets inside and are made by hand Mississippi.

So yes, your bathroom will smell like citrus, banana, or grapes. Fine. Deal with it. Each of these bath bombs also makes bubbles and has a squishy toy inside, so you've already won bath time, dear parents.

Kids 8 and up learn the basics of chemistry when they make their own bath bombs, which they can then plunk into the water and use.

Each of these bath bombs contains a surprise toy inside. They make the water sparkle, and won't stain your tub. They smell like bubblegum, gummy bears, or grape soda. Hey, we said they're for kids.

These bath bombs are heavy on the lavender, which can be a soothing scent. Plus, they're colorless which again can be a bonus for some parents.

Bigger is sometimes better, and these bath bombs are the size of a tennis ball. The smells range from coconut to strawberry milkshake to lavender. There's no toys inside, sadly, but the scents sure are relaxing.

When something more subtle just won't do, go with these bath bombs, which smell like cherry, berry, or banana. Each bath bomb turns the bath water either red or blue and has a toy inside.

These bath bombs are infused with a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, pine, and cypress essential oils. They're also very, very fragrant, so if you're feeling congested, they could help. Best of all, they are colorless, so you'll have clear bathwater, as well.

Don't use these bath bombs on an empty stomach, because damn, they smell fine. We're talking vanilla cupcake, coconut cream, and a day at the beach. OK, you can't eat the last one, but it still smells good.

These 12 bath bombs are handmade in California. The child-friendly scents include kiwi and strawberry, and mango papaya, and the colors are bright and sparkly.

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