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The Best Baby Bath Gear That’s Smart and Durable

Because a great tub makes bath time a joy.

Yes, the idea of bathing your newborn can sound terrifying. And of course you should of course be careful. But also bear in mind that your baby’s discovery of the magic of water, of what it feels like to be immersed in a warm, bubbly aquatic cocoon, is nothing short of a magical sensory experience. It also makes for very sweet photo ops. That being said, from the best baby bath tub to a great baby bath chair, the right gear can boost the fun level when it’s baby bath time.

But before you purchase a small bath tub, consider where you’ll place it and check the dimensions carefully. If you hope to use the baby bath for months to come, look into one that adjusts as your little one grows so you don’t need to keep replacing it. Some tubs fold away, if you have space shortages, while others have built-in sensors to track water temperature. 

A perfect starter tub, this one fits right into your sink. It's best for sinks 16-19 inches wide. And it's small enough to fit into a suitcase. It cradles your infant during bath time, and gives you and your baby a sense of security. There are openings that let dirty water flow right out into the sink.

Think of this as a whirlpool for your baby. The baby tub has a reservoir for clean water, so there's a constant flow of water while dirty water flows out of a side drain. Genius. It has a built-in color-coded digital thermometer. Use with the newborn infant insert until your baby weighs 15 pounds. Then use it without the insert once your baby is older.

Boon's baby bathtub has an adjustable bump and contoured back, and is suitable for newborns through seated toddlers. Plus it fits in most double sinks. The Boon baby bath has a color-changing drain plug to make sure the water is the right temperature.

You can use this foldaway tub until your kid is 4 years old. It has a heat-sensitive plug that turns different colors, to give parents visual cues when the water is too hot or cold. When you're done using the tub, just fold it up for easy storage. It has a non-slip base.

This parental favorite fits babies up to 25 pounds, so you get plenty of use out of it. There's a drain plug to rinse away dirty water, a contoured back to keep your baby from sliding around, and an easy, user-friendly design that gets the job done with no bells or whistles.

This multi-use tub works in the sink, the tub, and on the counter. You can use this from birth until your baby is 20 pounds. It has a three-position recline, and is designed so that dirty water flows directly into your sink (or tub).

The beloved bath seat suctions to the wall so it stays in place. It's suitable for babies who can sit up, and has a high backrest support. It frees you up to wash your squirming child. And it works with tubs 21-24 inches wide.

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