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The 14 Best Baby Bath Products

Baby tubs, spout covers, and other essential gear to make bath time safe and clean.

Whether you’re an obsessive clean freak or haven’t showered in a decade, baby bath time is sure to become one of your favorite things. It’s objectively adorable as hell, and you’re not a monster — even if you smell like one. However, bathing a tiny human comes with unique challenges. These baby bath products will ensure your bathtub is set up for safety and comfort, so you can get to the part of bath time that’s most important to both of you: Toys!

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Baby Baths

Angelcare bath support -- baby bath productsAngelcare Bath Support

Rather than a standalone basin, this booster sits in your tub and allows water to gently flow through while your baby just chills there, all comfy-like. The seat is soft, ergonomic, and mold-resistant. And, the entire unit is designed to rinse and drain easily.

Buy Now $20

stokke flexi bath -- baby bath productsStokke Flexi Bath

Stokke is the master of well-designed baby furniture that grows with your kid and they’ve done it again with their bathtub. It folds flat for storage, and a separately purchased newborn support insert adds comfort and optimal positioning for the tiniest ones. It’s suitable up to 4-years-old.

Buy Now $45

4moms infant tub -- baby bath products4Moms Infant Tub

It looks like the jacuzzi you’ve always wanted, if that jacuzzi was installed in your kitchen. 4Moms infant tub turns any kitchen sink into a bathing area by holding clean water in a reservoir, and letting dirty water out through vents. The built-in digital thermometer with color-coded display that let you know when the water is just right. And there’s a cupholder for the rinse cup.

Buy Now $60

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Baby Dam Bathtub Divider -- baby bath products

Baby Dam Bathtub Divider

The Baby Dam Bathtub Divider shrinks your tub to both save water and keep your little person from swimming away. It fits most standard tubs and is available in sizes from 21 to 26.5 inches.

Buy Now $46

The Puj Tub -- baby bath products

The Puj Tub

Put the Puj Tub in the sink and let bath time begin. It cradles your baby as water flows in through the vents. Simple as that. And when you’re done, just fold and hang up to dry ⏤ also why it’s great for traveling.

Buy Now $36

munchkin inflatable duck -- baby bath productsMunchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

This tub is padded for comfort and features a no-slip textured bottom and color-changing water temperature indicator, so it’s never too hot. It’s also inflatable, making it great for travel. And even if you never give your kid a single bath toy, this tub ensures they’ll at least have a rubber duckie at bathtime.

Buy Now $12

Baby Bath Spout Covers

4moms spout cover -- baby bath products4Moms Spout Cover

Add the bathtub spout to the long list of carefully selected home decor you now must cover in plastic. It’s got sharp edges. It can get dangerously hot. And it’s and is shiny, which guarantees your kid will try to grab it. This one is made of padded foam, has a color-coded thermometer display, and allows easy access to the diverter pin, so you can still shower.

Buy Now $27

Puj spout cover -- baby bath productsPuj Snug Ultra Soft Spout Cover

What it lacks in a color-coded digital thermometer, the Puj Snug Ultra makes up for with a cuddly elephant that shoots water out its trunk. It’s also flexible, mildew-resistant, PVC- and BPA-free, and at $10, likely the cheapest spout cover you’ll find.

Buy Now $10

skip hop spout cover -- baby bath productsSkip Hop Spout Cover

Wait, you want more spout cover options? How about a nautical theme? Boats go in water — so that’s not a hard logical jump. The differentiator with this cover — besides cuteness — is that the tail hook lets it hang for easy drying and storage.

Buy Now $13

Baby Bath Accessories

skip-hop-mobySkip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler

This parenting business is hell on the knees. Bathing the kid calls for a fair amount of kneeling on hard bathroom tile, and that old shower mat isn’t gonna cut it for padding.

Buy Now $16

The Splash Baby -- baby bath products

The Splash Baby

If your floor looks like a tropical rainstorm rolled in during bath time, the Splash Baby can help. This simple piece of clear plastic stretches the length of the tub and is held in place by suction cups. It also comes in four fun designs including lady bugs and tractors.

Buy Now $20

Summer Infant My Bath Seat -- baby bath products

Summer Infant My Bath Seat

For infants who’re almost ready for the full tub but are not quite there yet, the new Summer Infant bath seat provides proper support while you get them clean.

Buy Now $40

boon whale pod -- baby bath productsBoon Whale Pod Drain And Storage Bath Toy Scoop

Triple down on the baby beluga theme with this multifunctional tool. Not only is it a mountable bath toy holder with ample space to store and air dry all those toys, it’s also the best toy in the tub. Because kids always prefer the box the stuff comes in over the actual stuff. Plus, it scoops water to rinse your kid.

Buy Now $30

Big Bee Little Bee Buzzy Body Brush

Forget the struggle of getting your toddler to clean themselves. With this brush, shaped like a golden honeycomb, they may even look forward to bath time. It has soft bristles, and it’s made from nonporous silicone. Oh, and it’s dishwasher safe. What’s not to love?

Buy Now $8