The Best Baby Snowsuits to Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter

They're water-repellant and heat-trapping, and make your kids look like tiny polar explorers.

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The best infant snowsuits and buntings, set against a blue backdrop, keep your children warm in cold...

The joys of winter know no age limits. Which is why, as the cold bears down on us and shows no signs of letting up, parents need to invest in the best baby snowsuit or, if your kid is walking, a practical and serviceable toddler snowsuit. Those stuck in strollers will also want a toasty baby bunting, which basically looks like a pint-size sleeping bag. In short, parents need a complete, considered winter baby dress strategy when temperatures drop.

When you’re choosing snowsuits or buntings, make sure they’re weather-appropriate. Meaning, if you’re living in a very cold area on par with Arendelle, get a snowsuit that’s insulated and will trap heat against the body. The more zippers the better, because you want gear that’s quickly removable, especially when dealing with a disgruntled, squirming child and a soaked diaper.

Once your child is out of diapers, a two-piece makes more sense because it’s easier for kids to use the bathroom without having to take off the entire ensemble. If your kid will be making snow angels, get snow attire that’s waterproof, as opposed to just water-resistant, unless you want to hear whining about snow being cold and wet.

The Best Baby Snowsuits for Winter

The Best Baby Bunting for Winter and Cold Weather

Think of this as a cushy, warm envelope for your infant. Buntings have arms, but for the most part, the bottoms don’t have legs so kids can kick around more freely; it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

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