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The Best Baby Car Seat Covers for Winter & Cold Weather

Because you should never put a baby in a car seat wearing a coat.

It’s a car seat safety rule that always bears repeating: Never put a baby or toddler into car seat if they’re wearing a coat. You need a baby car seat cover for winter. That’s because with a coat, the added puffy jacket material puts enough space in between the child and the shoulder restraints to render the seat practically useless. In the event of an accident, the baby will not be protected, so get yourself a baby car seat cover.

Parents who live in cold climates generally have a few options for those frigid morning commutes: A warm blanket over a properly secured infant, a specially made coat such as the Buckle Me (which older kids can wear as well), or a proper baby car seat cover that fits over the top and seals the warmth in.

Obviously, a blanket is the cheapest option but car seat covers have become almost equally as ubiquitous these days since they’re generally designed with an elastic edge that fits almost any car seat on the market. And as they secure snugly over the top of the car seat, parents also don’t have to worry about dragging or dropping a blanket while walking into daycare.

They’re usually insulated, fleece-lined, and made of weather-resistant fabrics to keep wind and snow out when on the move. But which baby car seat cover is the best for keeping your newborn cozy this winter? We took a look at the current offerings on the market and, taking into account material, insulation, and ease of access, came up with our seven top contenders for different budgets and climates.

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Best Baby Car Seat Covers

This winter car seat cover is ideal for those living in very, very cold temps.

This luxe car seat cover has a detachable front cover lined with plush faux fur that can be used separately as a blanket. It also has a removable back panel so there’s no material between baby’s back and the car seat. The adjustable collar that can be pulled up to protect your baby’s face from gusting winds. 

We like this cover because you can keep the collar closed to block out blistering wind, or flip it open and snap it to the outer layer if the weather warms up.

There’s plush fleece around your baby’s head, for extra comfort. Who doesn’t love a nice fleece, after all? This car seat cover designed to fit any car seat, and has collar snaps for extra warmth, if needed. You also get a roll-away front flap so you have easy access to your baby; it zips off for full access.

This car seat cover is made from weather-resistant nylon that deflects wind and light rain.

JJ Cole’s popular blanket-style seat cover is fleece-lined and made from a water-resistant quilted nylon. It features a 3/4-zip front door with a top flap that folds down in the car or over the baby’s face when you’re out in the cold ⏤ almost like a little serving window for your kid to order a bottle of milk. It comes in one of six colors, from ‘wine triangles’ to ‘sassy wave’, is machine washable, and can even stretch over standard-size strollers.

This car seat cover is incredibly versatile, allowing for full, half, and quarter coverage. Or you can fully open it for easy access.

This car seat cover is one of the most user-friendly ones we’ve seen. It has flip-up sides and a zippered snap closure. Plus, you can decide how open, or closed, you want it to be, so your baby’s temps are fully regulated.

This car seat cover has a central zipper for quick access to your baby and side shoulder zippers for uncovering the kid's head.

Billed as a “puffy coat for your car seat,” the micro-fleece-lined Cocoon boasts an insulated wind-/ water-proof shell and has a temperature rating of -4 degrees Fahrenheit ⏤ so while a little pricier, it’s clearly designed for the coldest of commutes. A central zipper provides easy in-and-out while two shoulder zippers allow for quick access to the baby’s head. The elastic base and contoured shape ensure it fits snugly on all car seats, and it comes in one of 12 colors, from Prussian Blue to Metallic Lilac. Best of all, though, it’s machine washable.

This car seat cover, great for babies from birth to 12 months, has a warm outer shell that is weather-resistant and insulates your baby from wind, snow, ice and rain.

The Cozy Cover wins the award for most one of the popular covers on Amazon. And that’s likely because they’ve been selling them over 25 years and claim to be trusted “by over 5.5 million moms” ⏤ which, admittedly, is a lot of moms. The Cozy uses a shower-cap style elastic fitting to achieve a universal fit, has a velcro-attached, breathable pullover face flap, and dual front zippers for easy access. Cooler still, it comes in two shades of camouflage, among other colors.

The word 'Arctic' should give away the Jolly Jumper's strongest selling point ⏤ it's designed for the most frigid of temperatures.

In addition to the padded, fleece-lined fabric, the Sneak-A-Peak differentiates itself with an attached blanket that’s sewn in to provide additional warmth. It offers two front diagonal zippers and a fold-over face flap and is machine washable.

If you need a car seat cover to use all year, get this one. It protects your baby against the elements, and does double duty as a nursing coverup.

More for privacy, shade, and sun/rain/snow protection than for overall warmth, Copper Pearl’s 5-in-1 is a lightweight, all-season cover that also works on shopping carts, high chairs, and as a nursing cover. It’s made of a stretchy, water-resistant rayon and pulls completely over the seat to offer 360-degree coverage ⏤ there’s a hole at the top to peek in. It also comes in a ridiculous number of colors, designs, and patterns.

If you live in an area that never gets really and truly cold, this lightweight car seat canopy is for you.

If you don’t need a heavy-duty winter car seat cover, opt for this breathable canopy instead. It protects your baby from sunlight, summer heat, and wind. It has snap tabs to fit securely around standard car seats.

So you're a germaphobe? Nothing wrong with that. Just get this car seat cover, which provides 360 degree protection from germs, bugs, wind, intense light, falling leaves and other crud.

Like the Copper Pearl, Sho Cute’s windproof 100-percent cotton canopy is more about overall coverage than strictly providing warmth. Also without added insulation, it’s naturally better suited for climates with more mild winters. That said, it’s windproof, has a peekaboo window, and comes with built-in fabric loops to hold toys inside, which is pretty nice. It’s also reversible so you get two covers in one.

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