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The Best Baby Gear of 2019: 100 New Products for New Parents

From slim strollers and smart car seats to cool baby clothes and pop-up outdoor cribs, here are 100 items new parents need to know about.

Knowing what you need as a new parent can be a challenge. There are a seemingly endless stream of car seats, strollers, crib, bottles, and baby monitors on the market, all of which claim to keep infants safe, healthy, and happy in different ways. Most of these products sound plausible, but they are not all created equal; many represent attempts to quickly capitalize on new parents’ anxieties. Here’s the good news for tired shoppers: The best stuff has never been better. We’re in the middle of a baby gear renaissance.

Innovation is everywhere, from the small (pacifiers that pop in when the fall to keep them safe; clever bottles that smash down for easy storage) to the big (baby monitors that track baby sleep habits; car seats with built-in sensors keeping tabs on your child during the ride). Which is why Fatherly set out to highlight the absolute best baby gear on the market. Consider this a celebration of the golden age of parenting stuff.

The list below is comprised of new releases as well as a few slightly older products that we’re just too good to responsibly exclude. This is the best stuff out there. Do you need all of it? Probably not. But there’s something here — be it a pop-up outdoor crib or a cool onesie — for everyone.