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The Best High-Tech Baby Monitors and Baby Gear for Your Nursery

From sleep-analyzing monitors to smart cribs, here are top high-tech items to consider adding to your nursery.

Human beings have been giving birth and raising kids successfully for millennia, so the latest high-tech gizmo isn’t something you absolutely need in order to parent. But when it comes to taking care of a baby, anything that can reduce your stress as a parent, whether it’s getting a fussy toddler to fall asleep or checking in on your little one from miles away, is welcome. It’s a fine line, however, and it can be tricky to tell which pieces of baby gear are useful and which sound nice but aren’t as helpful as they might seem.

Our picks for the best high-tech baby monitors and baby gear for your nursery are ultimately worth the investment. From baby monitors with next-level features to electronic changing tables to a no-touch thermometer, these are the high-tech products that offer insights about your kid, help you succeed as a parent, and make the entire ordeal less of an…ordeal.

The Owlet baby monitor lets you observe your baby from anywhere, and the monitor's 1080p video lets you see your baby in clear detail during the day and night. There's a 130-degree wide angle lens, so every bit of the nursery is visible.

So you’re at work and jonesing for a glimpse of your infant? Owlet to the rescue. The video monitor let you stream sound and video via its own app. It has night vision, for those late work dinners. And it streams video via secure, encrypted WiFi. You can talk to your baby from anywhere and listen to your kid while you’re on your phone.

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The SmartConnect Deluxe Soother is part night-light, part bedtime guru, and totally worth it.

Getting your kid to sleep is easy, right? Bad joke. Very bad. That’s where this gadget comes in handy. The SmartConnect Deluxe Soother lets you customize and control everything with the SmartConnect app. This means you can adjust the lighting effects and music from anywhere in your house, without disturbing your baby. Plus, you can create a personalized bedtime routine. It also plays soothing music and sounds.

A hungry baby is a hangry baby. Now, this intelligent monitoring system keeps mom and dad updated about feedings, via Bluetooth. You'll know how much milk or formula your baby consumed, thanks to embedded technology that tracks what your baby ate.

The BlueSmart Mia Smart Baby Feeding System is a sleeve-and-app combo that slips onto most baby bottles to track the content’s temperature, your child’s feeding, and a host of other data. Once connected, the proprietary app monitors and records that data, which can be shared with your pediatrician on your next visit, or you, while you’re at work. For parents that are especially concerned with growth of undersized or premature infants — or anyone tired of logging feedings by hand — it’s an important tool and it takes the guesswork out of baby feedings.

Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, the Snoo Smart Sleeper uses three microphones to monitor your baby’s crying and soothe them back to sleep with an optimal mix of white noise and vibration.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper automatically selects the type of noise (soft rain, heartbeats, etc.) and volume level, as well as the motion (slower swing or “faster jiggles”) and speed, based entirely on how agitated or relaxed your child sounds. And to make sure they sleep safely, the Snoo also comes with three organic cotton “five-second swaddles” (in sizes ranging from 5 to 26 pounds) that attach to clips in the sleeper to ensure your baby can’t roll over onto their belly.

This Nanit baby monitor even has temperature and humidity sensors, for extra peace of mind.

Out of the box, Nanit is an HD, night-vision video monitor that live-streams footage of your baby (hopefully) sleeping directly to your smartphone using local wifi or mobile internet. It also measures the temperature and humidity in the room, offers one-way audio so you can listen in on (but not talk back to) your kid, and sends smart notifications if your baby wakes, cries, or stirs. The big sell is the camera’s “computer vision,” which monitors how your baby sleeps, noting total sleep time, wake time, and the number of times you come in the room. Then it crunches those numbers using an algorithm and shoots out a  report you can read in the morning to keep tabs on your baby’s sleep health.

This electronic changing table with a built-in scale tracks your newborn’s weight before and after each feeding to calculate how much milk they’ve consumed and give nervous new parents peace of mind.

The Hatch Baby gadget also tracks things like diaper changes, feedings, and sleep schedule, and syncs it all on a free app.

You get four products in one with this sleep training clock. It works as a sleep trainer, soother, nightlight, or alarm clock. When in sleep training mode, the cloud lights up. Red means it's bedtime. Green means it's fine to get up.

When you use this sleep training clock in soother mode, your baby hears white noise, rain, and a lullaby. And the nightlight has a soft glow with three brightness levels.

This Halo all-in-one soothing station is equal parts white noise machine, bassinet vibrator, and nightlight.

It includes two levels of soothing and (good, good, good) vibrations, three types of sounds, and an LED starry night ceiling projector. It’s designed for newborns to 2-year-olds, and it’s obvious why, with the controls right on the side of the crib, it’s only a matter of time before your kid starts playing DJ/light tech instead of going to sleep.

An app lets you specify goals for improvement: allergies, sleep, productivity, wellness, beauty, or pregnancy, so you can improve your air quality for anything your family is going through.

Awair tracks a room’s temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and dust, and rates the air quality, which it displays beside bar graphs and dots that follow a traffic light pattern: green is good, yellow is fair, and red is, “Didn’t I just spend weeks detoxing this place?”

Lully learns your kid’s sleep pattern and stimulates them with gentle vibrations at specific times to keep them at a healthy depth of sleep all night.

Night terrors are a specific kind of awful for parents — like nightmares but way more physically violent — that occur when preschoolers and toddlers fall into a deeper than normal sleep.  It’s been clinically proven to work, so you can look forward to you and your son or daughter sleeping through the night.

Unlike jerks in movie theaters, babies respond well to being shushed.

The Baby Shusher rhythmically replicates the “shushhhh” of the womb and matches your baby’s volume if they cry (up to 95 decibels). You can also use the $5 app to record your own shushes. A timer shushes the shushes after 15 or 30 minutes.

You don’t necessarily need one of these if your kid is getting regular checkups, but it can be helpful if you have concerns about their development, whether they were premature, or you just want to make sure they’re eating enough.

Grow With Me is accurate, reliable, and converts from an infant tray to a standing digital scale (up to 60 pounds) when your toddler becomes a badass boxer and needs to make weight.

Suzy Snooze provides a reassuring, soothing orange glow while looking all cute with her little sleepy face.

Connect the BleepBleeps app, and Suzy becomes an audio monitor that lets you to listen to your baby from up to 150 feet away. It also plays four different sleep-inducing light and sound combinations, promotes sleep hormones with optimized color output, and activates with a cry sensor.

The mamaRoo4 is one of our favorites, bouncing and swaying just right to soothe an infant.

Baby swings, rockers, and bouncers are parental godsends that act as modern cradles and offer safe spaces for the kid to rest while you sit on your favorite, non-bouncy seat. The smart seat has five unique motions (i.e. “car ride” and “kangaroo”) and five speed options, making a total of 25 different combinations, as well as four built-in sounds and a Bluetooth connection for your smartphone. Don’t take our word for it: the mamaRoo4, which is available in a variety of colors and patterns, is used at more than 300 hospitals to help soothe premature babies that like to feel as though they’re still in the womb. Honestly, if they made an adult-sized version of this, we’d be first in line.

The iBaby monitor even has a built-in moonlight soother that projects the moon and stars on to the ceiling as a sort of interstellar nightlight.

For parents who want to monitor their baby’s cries from the office, or the gym, or Tahiti, the BB-8-looking iBaby M7 syncs right up to your house wifi connection ⏤ so instead of using a dedicated handheld receiver, you watch all the action on a smartphone app. It offers impressive 1080p HD video (with record function), a 360-degree view with 110-degree tilt, and an array of high-tech sensors, including motion, sound, and in-room temperature, air quality, and humidity. The M7 also comes with night vision, two-way talk, diaper and feeding reminders, and tons of programmed lullabies and bedtime stories.

Cocoon is a smart baby monitor that lets parents watch live high-def footage of their baby snoozing and tracks their vital signs and breathing using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

And it can do both from across the room, without requiring your kid to wear any additional gadgets. Not only that, but when your baby becomes a toddler, the camera’s motion sensor will alert you when she climbs out of bed and tries to make a run for it.

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