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Best Ball Washes and Creams to Prevent Sweaty Balls and Swamp Crotch

Keep the boys nice and dry.

Honest talk: Sweaty balls are a thing and crotch sweat is nasty. Whether you’re coming back from the gym, returning from a long day at the office, or just putting your feet up after an afternoon spent chasing your children, having a sweaty crotch is no fun.

And you’re not alone: “Because of skin combined with friction and sweat, the general area is particularly at risk for skin issues,” says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in the department of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Zeichner says with these conditions, the family jewels are prone to all sorts of medical maladies, included fungal infestations, hair follicle infections, and everyday chafing. The bottom line is your boys are under assault, the crotch stench is the fog of war, and there’s no better time than the present to launch a counteroffensive.

Insert: the ball wash. “There are many products on the market designed specifically for the general area. They are effective,” says Zeichner.

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Luckily, more and more companies have sniffed the winds of change and are releasing ball washes specially designed with your crotch in mind. These offerings are made not only to clean but to address the root of the problem: moisture. They’ll all do the job of turning your stinky jungle into the scent-free Sahara. If you’ve already upgraded your undies, the steps to a stench-free sack are below.

This ultra-refreshing ball powder is made from corn starch, aloe, menthol, and peppermint extracts, and contains no talc, aluminum, or parabens.

You can use this body powder anywhere, but it’s particularly effective in your nether regions. Use it after your shower and you’ll feel a pretty cool menthol chill down below, and it lasts 24 hours.

Start your day off right with this invigorating, odor-eliminating ball wash.

This shower primer works thanks to its blend of hops, aloe, oatmeal, witch hazel, and pumpkin seed, which wake you up, clean you up, and prevent any late-developing odors. This hero product softens your skin, and leaves you feeling ultra-fresh.

This talc-free lotion stops swamp crotch and keeps your twigs and berries dry.

Anthony’s lotion transforms from a cream to a lightweight powder right after your apply it. It has a fresh, slightly citrusy scent. And it quickly washes off with soap. Instead of talc, the lotion relies on tapioca starch for a smooth, powdery finish.

This goes on as a cream, dries to a smooth powder, and keeps your balls dry, cool, and totally comfortable.

Both talc-free and aluminum-free, this lotion-powder works by really amping up drying ingredients, including oats, tapioca, and corn starch. It’s got a mild tingle factor.

If you prefer something with a more gel-like consistency, this deodorizer neutralizes odors and is especially great if you work out hard.

Apply the gel to your balls after you shower, and revel in the freshness you feel thanks to ingredients including tea tree oil and aloe vera. Plus, this gel helps prevent chafing and general annoying itchiness. Definitely use it after you’ve trimmed your groin area, to reduce and prevent razor burn.

Meet your new favorite anti-chafing deodorant and moisturizer two-in-one for balls.

Combining tapioca starch with aloe vera to moisturize and keep your fellas supple, Manscaped’s Crop Preserver applies like a gel and dries like a talcum. Great to use after you trim around the hedges. 

This wash, made with essential oils, plant extracts and activated charcoal, keeps your ball area nice and fresh.

You can use this all over your body, not just your nether regions, has a fresh scent that isn’t overpowering, and is made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

This lotion dries quickly, won't clump on your skin, or leave an icky powdery residue in your pants.

It sure feels like talcum powder, and yet this after-shower drying gel claims it’s talc-free. Its pleasant cooling effect leaves your sticky sack dry as Death Valley—without the heat.

This deodorant prevents odors, humidity and discomfort from building, and thriving around the groin area.

Apply this deodorant in the morning, after you shower, and your crotch will be dry, smooth, and stink-free. It blocks odor and reduces any wetness.

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