Survive Your Kid’s Next Snow Day With A Space Heater For Your Jacket

Because Ned Stark was right.

by Aaminah Khan
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torch coat heater

You may have grown grumpy enough to believe there’s no such thing as a “snow day” and only “days on which it snowed,” but your kid hasn’t had their snow white idealism crushed like your car under 2 feet of the white stuff. Where they see snow forts and epic snowball fights, you see 5 minutes of fun and 5 hours of trying to figure out how an iceberg slipped down the back of your jacket. Now there’s (almost) a solution to that problem, which might give you a little bit of your soul back, you grinch. It’s called the Torch coat heater.

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The Torch coat heater is a set of 3 thin heating pads that easily velcro inside any coat you choose. It’s thin enough to go undetected from the outside and powered by a small lithium ion battery that provides up to 5 hours of heat at 4 temperatures: 95 degrees, 115 degrees, 120 degrees, and 135 degrees. It even has “built-in safety features” that prevent it from bursting into flames like the holiday “hoverboard” that nearly roasted your kid.

Torch’s creators are trying to crowdfund their patent, and you should get behind their Indiegogo campaign to make sure you have one of the first units when they ship this year. Sure, you won’t be able to use it until next winter, but it’s not like your car is thawing out any time soon, anyway.

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