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The Best Ski & Snowboard Gear for Kids: Boards, Gloves, Goggles, & Helmets

The right equipment can make or break whether a kid falls in love with the slopes.

There’s little in life more exhilarating than gliding your way down the slopes with your kids in fresh powder. To do those milk runs safely, and to get kids to love skiing, you need to the proper kids’ snow gear. By that we mean kids’ snow gloves, kids’ skis, snowboard helmets, and kids’ ski clothes.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a few common-sense guidelines to consider before you hit the slopes.

  • Make sure your kids take a class, or work with an instructor, so they’re comfortable on the snow. This usually means skiing in a pizza formation.
  • Young kids should always be supervised by an adult.
  • All skiers and snowboarders, regardless of skill level, should wear helmets. Plus, they should wear goggles to protect their eyes. Snowboarders should wear gloves with built-in wrist guards for extra protection.

Good equipment will not only keep your kids safe but also get them stoked for their time on the hill. Beginner skis and boards should be soft and short, so they’re easy to turn and control. Ski boots should go on and off without struggle as should ski gloves, ski mitts, and other apparel. You also want to look for gear that grows with your child (your wallet will thank you next year) but not to skimp when it comes to safety. A well-fitting, technologically-advanced ski helmet protects your child’s head when they fall, and they will do so ⏤ often.

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Keeping all this in mind, we sifted through the best of this year’s kids gear and selected our top picks for skiers and riders hitting the slopes for the first time.

Burton puts all the gear your aspiring little ripper needs in one package, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

The After School Special’s soft, fully adjustable bindings come pre-mounted (in a beginner-friendly stance) to a specially designed saucer-like snowboard that helps kids learn balance and board control. The playful kids snowboard is best for groms on groomers, with a rimmed edge that makes stopping easier and which prevents the rider from getting tripped up on inconsistencies in the snow. Also, the buckles are easy to operate, even for kids.

Ideal for young skiers who have more of a handle on their abilities, the Wall Junior is an affordable ski is ideal for both the park and trail.

It features a well-balanced and stable full-rocker shape as well as a tip-to-tail wooden core that adds durability.

Kids’ Ski and Snowboard Helmet

A great ski helmet for kids, this one has in-mold construction and a comfortable, customizable fit.

This helmet comes in a huge variety of colors, to suit any snow bunny’s taste. And It has a polycarbonate shell, adjustable climate control ventilation to keep the noggin from overheating, and an adjustable fit system to suit different head shapes and sizes.

This ski helmet has removable ear straps and a removable goggle clip, plus fleece lining for extra warmth.

The Anon ski helmet has an an injection-molded ABS exterior for durability and ding-resistant strength. Plus, kids can remove or attach straps and clips as needed, which is a bonus. To ensure the head never overheats, the helmet is designed to draw fresh air in the front and release moisture out the back.

Kids’ Snow Gloves

These ski gloves replace the bulk with extra warmth.

Not that you want kids checking phones, but if they need to, these gloves have built-in touchscreen-compatible technology. They have a removable wrist leash, making them also ideal for snowboarding. And a the gloves have a mid-weight level of Thermacore insulation for warmth and weatherproofing.

These pricier ski gloves have a longer cuff, making them ideal for kids lucky enough to ski in powder and thus needing longer gloves for extra warmth.

Because there’s nothing worse than cold, wet hands, kids need these gloves to keep snow out. These Swedish gloves are windproof and water-resistant. They have a removable polyester lining for overnight airing.

Kids’ Ski and Snowboard Goggles

Not only are these goggles specifically designed to fit kids' face shapes and heads, but they have frame notches at the temples so they work with most prescription eyewear.

These goggles provide 100 UV protection, which is essential. Plus, they have a violet iridium lens that’s great for any weather, because it provides greater contrast.

These affordable ski goggles are a solid option for your toddler.

Designed specifically for kids ages two to give, the Giro Chico goggles give beginner skiers  a wide-open field of view and a snug fit, plus face foam that seals out the cold and equals more time on the slopes.

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