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The Best Kids Snow, Snowboard, and Ski Gear

Want your child to love the slopes as much as you do? Start with the right gear.

Are you hoping to raise the next Lindsey Vonn or Shaun White? Then it starts with the best kids snow gear. Toddlers don’t just huck their first tamedog on a day-one rental. Nope, before they’re shredding the gnar, it’s hours spent on properly fitting toddler snowboards and skis first, where they learn edge control. Of course, in order to have them focused on their edges, they need to be comfortable, and that’s where right-sized and warming kids’ gloves and helmets come in. Sure, you may have taken your first laps in denim, but if you truly care about passing your love of snowsports on to the next generation, you’re going to need to up your game with the right kids ski gear.

Beginner skis and boards should be soft and short, which translates to ease of turning and control. Ski boots should go on and off without struggle as should ski gloves, mitts/gloves, and other apparel. But most important is the helmet itself, which, when properly fitted, protects your kiddo’s noggin from the all-but-guaranteed smacks against the packed snow of the bunny hill. Finally, keep an eye out for snow gear including ski apparel that grows with your child — your wallet will thank you next year.

Skis, Snowboards, and Snowsport Gear for Little Kids

While this snowboard might get side glances on the slope, we like it for those local sled hills that many use to learn. Its step-in bindings are beginner-friendly and are compatible with your child's favorite snow boots. Should your son or daughter like it? Upgrade next season.

These themed helmets (each color features its own appendages) may look cute, but underneath is serious protection with lightweight foam and a soft liner. The unique design is sure to make your child not balk when it comes to wearing a brain bucket.

Touchscreen-compatible fingers, a removable wrist leash, and uber-warm Thermacore insulation make these a hit for all-day riding and skiing.

Known worldwide as a maker of some of the best lenses and frames for snowsports, Giro's youth-specific frames incorporate the same tech into a tiny package. Its curved frames provide a wide field of view for when trails merge, along with a fog-preventing finish and soft foam against the skin.

Skis, Snowboards, and Snowsport Gear for Bigger Kids

Powder has met its match with the Backland ski by Atomic. Rockered in the front with camber throughout its generous middle, this excel in the deep stuff but can still handle on-piste en route. While their waist widths vary by length, these are notably wider than your average carver, letting them float atop those once-a-season dumps.

A durable polycarbonate shell, adjustable ventilation, and variable fit makes this a great ski helmet for kids over multiple seasons.

A touch pricier, but these premium gauntlet-style gloves are windproof, water-resistant, and ready for the steep and deep. The removable polyester lining ensures they dry out overnight during multi-day heli trips.

For your tiny ripper, these goggles feature the same high-contrast, scratch-resistant lenses of their adult brethren, but differ with a kids-specific pliable frame and triple-layer face foam for comfort and safety.

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