Andy Cohen On What Dads Really Want For The Holidays

The television mogul and father of two gives insight into the best gifts for dads — from someone who is also difficult to shop for.

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Andy Cohen’s resume is obviously impressive: Emmy Award-winning host, producer, four-time New York Times bestselling author, half of one of the most unforgettable pairs of New Year’s Eve hosts to ever count down to midnight. But none of this qualifies him for the biggest question of this season: What’s the best gift for dad – especially a dad who is impossible to shop for?

Cohen has added two more recent line items to his curriculum vitae that give him expertise here — Ben and Lucy, his kids, born in 2019 and 2022 respectively. So what does the busiest dad in America lean on to get him through the Holidays? What’s on this dad’s shopping list? For starters, something that saves time.

“Dads are really busy. I’m really busy, I have two kids, and I’m a single dad; I’ve got a lot of jobs,” he says, noting that he leans heavily on technology to get him there. A smart home centering on Alexa (for which he is a spokesman) is one way to get a dad flashy toys. With one phrase, Cohen’s entire house lights up. No doubt any dad would be appreciative of such a short cut with the holiday lights outside too. But what else does dad want? Clothing staples, candles, and maybe a little bit of after hours fun. Here are six picks from Cohen to get for the dad in your life.

“I’m a hoodie guy, I think dads live in hoodies and sweats. There’s a company called Camp High out of Santa Monica that I absolutely love, John Mayer turned me on to it. They have really cool, great hoodies and sweats that I live in. Love, love, love them. “

“Speaking of high, I love edibles and love giving edibles as gifts now that they’re legal all over the place. Cheeba Chews, that’s my jam. What dad isn’t going to want to pop one in after the kids are sleeping? That’s a good vibe.”

“And a candle sounds boring, but get him a candle. It’s a great vibe for any room, and it’s perfect for the man cave.”

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is top of Cohen’s list. “I have a whole Alexa routine where I’ve got it hooked up to everything. I can say ‘Alexa, let’s get lit!’ and the whole house lights up.”

“I think, you know, dads like questions answered for themselves. So like, what am I gonna wear? I think any chunky sweater for a dad, they’re gonna wind up wearing it. It’s great.”

“There’s no guy I know that doesn’t want a pair of Nikes. And Nike makes so many cool shoes, you can go online and find something excellent.”