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Black Friday Early Deal: Amazon’s Echo Show 5 Smart Speaker Has Never Been Cheaper Than It Is Now

Time to stock up.

Amazon’s Echo Show series of smart speakers and smart home assistants are among our favorites. They work with Alexa, of course, and basically let you run your life from one tiny little gadget. So it’s a happy day indeed when these devices go on sale. And by sale, we mean serious sale. The kind of can’t-miss sale that used to only happen on Black Friday.

Here's your chance to score Amazon's Echo Show 5 for way less than $89.99. Get it for $59.99.

The Echo Show is truly one of the smartest smart speakers every created. It has a 5.5 inch display that lets you schedule your life, check the weather, play music, find recipes, and call your family. It plays movies and TV shows. Manages to-do lists.

You can use it control your other smart devices, like dimming lights or adjust your thermostat.

Actually, we love the privacy settings most of all.  You can also turn the microphone and camera off or cover the camera with a built-in shutter.

Most joyfully of all, you can Skype grandparents.

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The second generation Echo Show is way down from $229.99. It's now$179.99.

The second gen Echo Show has a crystal clear 10.1 inch HD screen for watching videos, movies, and TV shows in a new fabric design, plus seeing grandma and grandpa up close and personal during mandatory weekend check-ins. Like the Echo Show 5, it has a 1MP camera, which is plenty powerful enough for most of us.

Obviously, Amazon has released newer versions of the Echo Show. The newer ones have larger displays and more powerful speakers. And the newest version has the best camera of all: 5MP, where Echo Shows 5 and 8 each have a 1MP camera.

And of course, the OG Echo Dot, normally $49.99, is on sale as well.

The Echo Dot lets you voice control your music and your smart home devices, and has a microphone off button to protect your privacy.

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