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Black Friday Deal Alert: The Amazon Echo Dot Third Gen Is 20 Percent Off

That's not a typo.

Amazon’s Echo Dot series of smart speakers and smart home assistants are small but mighty. They work with Alexa, of course, and basically let you run your life and your home from one tiny little gadget. We celebrate when these devices go on sale, especially the Echo Dot 3rd gen model. The kind of can’t-miss sale that used to only happen on Black Friday.

The amazing third generation Amazon Echo Dot is normally $59.99.

It’s the little things, quite literally. The Echo Dot third gen shows you the time on an LED display. Plus the temperature. Things you never thought you needed, until you had them. It’s tiny enough for your nightstand and is the perfect alarm, preventing you from checking your phone at night. You voice-control your music. You already know the original Echo Dot answers the weirdest questions kids have and farts on command. Plus explains what flatulence is. And you can voice control your smart home.

This model also has superior privacy controls, which is a boon for parents whose kids use it for everything.

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