Guzzle Ale Like a Viking With This Drinking Horn


Das Boot? No! It’s das horn!

That local IPA you picked up at the beer store is going to taste good whether you drink it out of a special snifter, a standard pint glass, or — gasp! — directly from the bottle. But if you want to enjoy that beer and feel like a medieval warrior drinking the blood of his enemies, a proper drinking horn is the only way to go.

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AleHorn, as its name suggests, specializes in these kinds of horns. All of the brand’s products are handmade from real animal horns — typically those of oxen raised for meat — whose horns would otherwise be discarded. This particular version is a 12-inch-long, polished horn that’s double-sealed with a food-safe lacquer that’s suitable for any room temperature or colder beverage no matter the acidity.

It comes with a resin base for storage and display, as well as putting down your drink before you’ve finished it. If you need to transport it to ransack another village or celebrate your buddy’s bachelor party, you can use the included cotton storage bag that will protect the finish in transit.

AleHorn offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products, so if your drinking horn develops a leak or otherwise becomes unusable the company will replace it, no questions asked.

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