Air Fort

This $55 Tent Is An Instant, Air Conditioned Playroom For Summer

It also keeps the kids playing inside cool.

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Flat-pack playhouses, card-table covers, and good old-fashioned couch pillows: There’s certainly no shortage of rad play forts out there for kids today. But what about a cool kids castle that actually stays cool inside? That’s the idea behind Air Fort, a kid’s circus tent that inflates using a box fan.

Designed by a father-daughter team out of California, Air Fort is essentially a 4-foot tall, air-conditioned yurt for the living room. Simply attach a 20-inch household box fan (sold separately) to the tunnel section, turn it on, and the tent inflates in under 30 seconds. Obviously, the fan stays on to keep the thing inflated and so the kids (and you) stay cool inside. There’s also a mesh divider to keep them out of the tunnel and away from the actual fan itself, because safety first. Four adhesive tabs attach to the fan to ensure the tent doesn’t blow clear across the room when you turn it on.

Air Fort

There’s no door or floor on the polyester Air Fort ⏤ everyone just climbs in and out underneath ⏤ but there is a viewing window to make sure no parents sneak up undetected (or no kids up when you want some quality time with your spouse). The Air Fort reportedly holds up to five kids ages 3-to-15 and is 6.5-feet wide ⏤ so there’s plenty of room in there for adults too. It comes with an easy-to-store drawstring pouch in two very not-gender-neutral colors, digital camo and pink.

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