Play Forts You Can Build (And Take Down) In Seconds, No Tools Required

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If there’s one drawback to letting your kids build epic pillow forts out of couch cushions, it’s that sometimes you may actually want to sit on that couch. (Standing while watching television is only for untimely Games Of Thrones deaths.) If you truly have a problem with these puffy ramparts taking over your living room, maybe you want to steer them towards a Hideaboo Hideout instead.

Hideaboo Hideouts SubmarineThe concept is so simple you’re going to feel angry for not pitching it to Shark Tank. This illustrated slip-on cover goes over ordinary card tables (the kind with the folding legs) and turn them into cool-looking forts. No pillows, no sheets, no taping giant cardboard boxes together required. The covers come in 4 themes: Happy Camper, Submarine, Enchanted Castle, and Outer Space Rocket. They also feature a puppet backdrop in case your kid wants to reenact MacBeth with My Little Ponies. They also sell “play props, puppets, adventure journals, adventure cards, and activities” for that Submarine set, just in case you find them sitting under a table bored out of their mind.

For parents who think things like play and creativity are overrated because they get in the way of your kid’s side hustle, Hideaboo also peddles entrepreneurial Lil’ Biz cover stands for their lemonade, hot chocolate, or baked good business. See? This thing is already paying for itself.
Hideaboo Hideouts ($45, Pre-order)
Hideaboo Lil’ Biz Covers ($25, Currently available)

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