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These 3-D Rugs Look Like Full-On Worlds

Kids will make imaginary worlds out of a carpet, anyway — these play rugs help them along.

Making up stories with dolls, cars, animals, and other toys is something most kids do throughout their childhood, and for good reason. Playing like this helps kids develop creativity, figure out how the world works, and even process their feelings. This kind of developmentally appropriate play spurred the creation of a whole genre of clunky plastic toys, ranging from the Barbie Dream House to just about every Hot Wheels track. But there’s a newer, better-looking, more practical toy in town, which sits only an inch or so off the ground and feels a whole lot better to step on than a Lego. Parents, meet the 3-D rug.

Basically hyper-detailed area rugs, 3-D kids play rugs depict different scenes — farm landscapes, city blocks, houses — with props like furniture, greenery, or road dividers woven, or “built,” into the rug. Kids can use the 3-D carpets to act out whatever scenes they can dream up, much like they would with a dollhouse, race track, or toy barn, but without the need for so much stuff.

Since 3-D rugs feature lots of texture, they also provide quality sensory play. And since they look decent — especially the beautiful ones made by Ivi — they can just stay on the floor, and actually improve the look of the room while serving as both low-key inspiration for kids and easy-access toy. Whether your kid is into action figures or toy tractors, farms or mid-century mansions, there’s a 3-D carpet for them.

The Best 3-D Rugs

Like a dollhouse that requires far less storage space, this 3-D play rug features a detailed house layout, including two bedrooms, a living room and dining room, and even a swimming pool, while the texture engages kids' senses. With its soft, retro color palette and cool composition, it's also, if we're honest, as good-looking as most area rugs. The large size, pictured, is about 4 feet by 6 feet; Ivi rugs also come in medium and extra-large sizes.

This version depicts a beach house, complete with a sandy shore, lapping waves, beach chairs, umbrellas, and a dock. This play rug, like other Ivi rugs, is made with non-toxic dyes and hypoallergenic materials.

This jumbo playmat gives kids plenty of room to spread out all of their toys. And with roads, houses, farms, and ponds, it lends itself to being paired with all different kinds of toys.

At just over 7 feet by 5 feet, this expansive playmat depicts an entire town, complete with soccer fields, houses, schools, and even a traffic circle. For kids who gravitate towards toy cars or trains, this is the one.

This city version features an airport, a coastline, a few parking lots, a highway, and some suburbs. It's the little details that make it come alive, like the green road barriers, parking spots, and cobblestones.

If you're looking for a smaller-size play mat, this 3-by-2-foot felt farm mat is a great option. Look at those vegetable plots! It's handmade from wool, and hand-painted wooden farmers can be purchased for just another $10.

If you're considering these play mats for their sensory properties, this dinosaur rug is hard to beat. It has half a dozen different textures, thanks to different materials and knits, making up the grass, stream, rocks, and trees. It's on the smaller size, with just a 15-inch diameter, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in details.

More Fun Play Rugs

This plush safari-themed mat is all one texture, which means it can function as both a play mat and area rug. Looping roads take kids past tigers and elephants, camels, and giraffes. It comes in eight sizes, so you can customize it to your space.

This detailed map of London not only provides plenty of room for your kid to act out their imagination, it provides a jumping-off point for kids to learn about real landmarks, from London Bridge to Buckingham Palace. It's around 4 feet by 3 feet, and has a rubber bottom that prevents slipping and helps it to lay flat without curling.

This illustrated road rug is a cute addition to a nursery or playroom as is, and doubles as a canvas for playing with dolls, cars, animals, and any other toy you can think of as kids get older. It comes in two sizes, is 100% cotton, and handmade.

This classic kindergarten classroom rug is hard to beat price-wise. It may not be as easy on the eyes as some other models, but it still provides plenty of details that can spark creative play, like winding roads, traffic lights, ponds, a circus tent and hospital.

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