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It’s a Wrap: These are the Best L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls and Toys

So many choices. So we did the work for you.

The popularity of surprise toys, the ones that have kids tearing through layers of packaging to uncover the coveted thing inside, shows no sign of waning. And the linchpin of that particular cottage industry is the phenomenon known as L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. L.O.L. toys come in many forms, be it cars or winter chalets, but by and large, the most popular ones are the titular dolls.

A little primer for those who have somehow snoozed through the madness: The L.O.L. toy comes wrapped in plastic. Kids open it to see more wrapped bags, all of which contain surprises, ranging from miniature pets to tiaras to hat boxes. The good news, for those of us who aren’t exactly LOLing about all that plastic waste that accompanies these toys: MGA Entertainment, which makes the dolls, is working on biodegradable packaging.

There’s a ton of these dolls on the market, and more are released every season. So pick the ones that resonate with your kids. One thing to note: Because each package has a slew of small pieces like shoes and handbags, these dolls are best for kids 6 and up.

This fierce fashion doll comes with 20 surprises. The good news is that her packaging turns into a closet for her shoes, shoebox, hat box, purse, hair brush, garment bags, and her teddy bear purse. Because of course she has a yellow teddy bear purse.

The L.O.L. Surprise! Bubbly Surprise has a doll and pet hidden inside a heart-shaped bubbly, fizzy surprise. You basically put it in water, and see what surprises emerge. Please note that this is not for an actual human bath time usage. The sparkly package also doubles as a purse.

Sometimes, bigger is better. Such is the case with set, which has a whopping 60 surprises. Kids get one L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Outrageous doll, along with a boy doll, a little sister, and a pet, along with their fashion accessories.

Much like Barbie, this doll has limbs that can be manipulated into a variety of poses. She comes with 15 surprises and has hair kids can style. The set includes the doll, clothing, shoes, accessories, a hat box, a black light (which kids shine to reveal even more surprises), a hair brush, a garment bag, and a doll stand.

Aspiring stylists will dig this thing. It comes with 30 surprises, including 15 hair accessories and 14 hair pieces. Kids can give her a variety of looks, or add hair to only one side for an updo.

Because every doll needs a sweet set of wheels. The car expands to reveal a pool and dance floor. And the thing is, the pool works, thanks to a removable liner that can be filled with water.

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The Fuzzy Pets are inside a shampoo container, and the set includes seven surprises: a magic mirror, a secret message, a bottle, a scooper, an outfit, a fashion accessory and of course, the Fuzzy Pet itself.


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