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Paw Patrol Drops Cat Pack, A Surprise Cat-Centric Spin-Off Movie

Here’s how you can watch the new feline-powered Paw Patrol spin-off.

Maybe it’s time to give Paw Patrol a break. After years of parents giving the mega-popular series some serious side-eye, the franchise has actually done something very smart. If you have a kid who loves cats more than dogs, the Paw Patrol team announced a feline-centric show. Called Cat Pack, the hour-long feature — which Paramount+ and Nickelodeon are calling an “event” — is now streaming.

What is Cat Pack you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s Paw Patrol, but with cats instead of dogs. It’s the Paw-universe version of the Fantastic Four in contrast to the Avengers of regular Paw Patrol. While early seasons of Paw Patrol reinforced that old cartoon stereotype that cats are evil demon tricksters and dogs are very good boys, Cat Pack is giving kids who love little kitties something they actually deserve; nice cats who also have super-powered suits seemingly ripped off from Tony Stark.

Technically, the Cat Pack has appeared in an episode of Paw Patrol before, the Season 7 episode “Moto Pups.” But now, the Cat Pack is set to become its own thing.

Cat Pack trailer

In case you are still reading this, and haven’t already just put on the new Cat Pack special to give yourself an hour of peace, here’s the trailer.

How to Watch Paw Patrol’s Cat Pack

The new “event” (1-hour movie) began streaming on Paramount+ on June 24, 2022. You can watch it right here.

How Big is The Cat Pack?

Glad you asked. Unlike the seemingly endless membership of the Paw Patrol, there are currently four members of the Cat Pack; Wild, Shade, Roy, and Leo. Here’s their whole deal, direct from Paramount+ and Nickelodeon:

  • Wild is daring and impulsive with a need for speed! Wild’s power is super speed and the cheetah is his big cat inspiration.
  • Shade is tech-savvy, shy, and loves laser pointers and yarn balls! Shade’s powers are stealth and climbing and the jaguar is her big cat inspiration.
  • Rory is energetic and outgoing, but loves to take cat naps! Rory’s powers are pouncing and leaping and the white tiger is her big cat inspiration.
  • Leo is brave and big-hearted, but afraid of mice! Leo’s power is super strength and the lion is his big cat inspiration.

So, Wild is Hannibal, Shade is Murdock, Rory is Face, and Leo is clearly BA/Mr. T. It’s unclear at this time if the Cat Pack were wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit, but if you can find them...

Is there a Cat Pack show, too?

If your cat-loving kids want to binge-watch Cat Pack, for now, there’s not an actual show. Yet. As of this writing, Cat Pack is just this movie, not an ongoing series like Paw Patrol. However, we expect that to change very soon. They again, if you have cats, you know they take forever to wake up.

Check out Cat Pack and Paw Patrol on Paramount+ here, or on Nick Jr.