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America’s Top-Voted Bedtime Story Is Guaranteed To Give Your Kids Nightmares

We’re surprised and a little incredulous.

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What is the most popular bedtime story in the US? And is it really a modern horror classic written by Neil Gamain?

For many families, their bedtime routine includes reading a book, which is another best practice in parenting, and combining the two is a perfect way to bond and wind down. But a new survey shows the top bedtime story in each country, which says the favorite bedtime story in the U.S. is … Coraline? Here’s what we know.

UK-based baby brand, My 1st Years, wanted to find out which bedtime stories were the most popular. To find this information, they analyzed data from Google to narrow down the top children’s books using search information and book charts.

“The total number of Google searches for each book name + the keyword ‘book’ was calculated for each country across the globe for the last 12 months,” they explained, “and the results were then ranked according to which book saw the highest number of Google searches within each country.”

As you would expect, there were some book classics that popped up in several countries, including Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, and the Mr. Men series. Bedtime stories are good to read repeatedly, stories we might grow tired of hearing each night, but they provide the best calm down for our kids to drift off into sleep.

This is why we’re scratching our heads over the data My 1st Years collected, showing the top bedtime story in the U.S. is Coraline.

No hate to the top book, Coraline, written by Neil Gaiman, is an incredible middle-grade novel that made an equally good movie. It’s a unique tale, technically a “dark fantasy,” that involves Caroline ending up in a weird world where her parents have buttons for eyes.

It’s not exactly the soothing story we tend to think of when it comes to a bedtime story. Most of us can’t even read a PAW Patrol book where Marshall falls over one too many times if we want our kid to sleep before the morning.

The rest of the top five most popular bedtimes stories in the U.S include:

  • Corduroy by Don Freeman
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin, James Dean & Kimberly Dean
  • Shrek by William Steig

For more details in the report, including the most popular bedtime stories worldwide, check out My 1st Years.

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