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Macho Man Talks About When He Cries In This Wonderful Resurfaced Video

Turns out Randy Savage was super in touch with his emotions.

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A 30-year-old interview with Randy Savage, aka Macho Man, on The Arsenio Hall show, has resurfaced on social media. It didn’t take long for the short segment to go viral on Twitter, with Macho Man dropping some sound advice when asked what kind of emotions a “macho man” would have. Here’s what went on.

Randy Savage was a mainstay on entertainment television back in the 80s and 90s. Even people who weren’t fans of WWE knew who he was. Randy was known for his flamboyant and loud costumes and a personality to match them. His catchphrase “oooh yeah” in a growl only he could do was mimicked by millions, and he was an icon in sports entertainment.

But what made him stand out, even more, was he seemed like a genuinely good guy, which is proven again in this resurfaced clip. On the show, Arsenio asked Randy, “Your middle name is ‘Macho,’ but I’m wondering if you ever cried. Has Macho Man ever cried?”

While one might assume that with his loud personality and the line of work he was in Randy would have a typical “tough guy” answer, that’s not who he was.

Watch the video on Twitter here.

“Yeah, uh huh, it’s okay for macho men to show every emotion available because I’ve cried a thousand times and I’ll cry some more,” he answered. “But I’ve soared with the eagles and I’ve slithered with the snakes, and I’ve been everywhere in between and I’m gonna tell you something right now: There’s one guarantee in life — there are no guarantees,” he continued.

It’s great advice at a time when men showing softer emotions wasn’t talked about a lot – especially not in the sports world. In other words, if someone asks you if you cry, the answer should be, always, “OH YEAH!”

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