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Keep Up With The Jones! Here's Where To Stream All Of 'Indiana Jones' Before ‘The Dial Of Destiny’

Indiana Jones is on the move. Here’s where to catch him now.

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Did you hear that whip cracking? That’s the sound of Indiana Jones movies switching streaming platforms. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is coming on June 20, 2023. But where can you watch the Indy movies before then?

In The Last Crusade, when Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) passes a wall carving depicting the “lost ark,” he mumbles “Ark of the Covenant.” Dr. Schneider (Alison Doody) says, “Are you sure?” And Indiana Jones grunts, “pretty sure.” It’s a hilarious understatement and one of the most clever ways a sequel has referenced its predecessor. Indy is pretty sure he knows what the Ark of the Covenant looks like because trying to find it in Raiders of the Lost Ark nearly ended him. But, can you find Indiana Jones online? Where is Indy streaming? Are you sure or pretty sure?

Here’s the deal with where Indiana Jones movies are streaming right now, and where they’ll be streaming in the future.

Indiana Jones Streaming On Amazon Prime

As of January 2023, all four Indiana Jones movies landed on Amazon Prime.

Indiana Jones on Netflix

Indian Jones movies used to be on Netflix, but not anymore. Will he be back? That’s anybody’s guess.

Indiana Jones is Streaming On Paramount+

Currently — as of January 2023, all four existing Indiana Jones feature films are on Paramount+. This includes:

Wait, Indiana Jones isn’t on Disney+?

Yeah, you’d think, right? Because Lucasfilm is part of Disney now (I.E. Star Wars) and Lucasfilm is gearing up to release Indiana Jones 5 WITH Harrison Ford, you’d think that all of those movies would be on Disney+. But nope! They’re not! And there’s no reason to think that will change, either!

Are The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles streaming somewhere right now?

Although the TV series featuring Young Indy has streamed on Paramount+ in the past, right now, as of November 2022, the only way to watch this show online is to rent episodes on Apple TV/ iTunes.

Indiana Jones 5 release date

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has been directed by James Mangold (of Logan fame) and will hit theaters on June 30, 2023. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is also starring in the film, and Mads Mikkelsen is set to play the villain. The movie will take place in 1969, after the 1950s setting of Kingdom of the Cyrstal Skull, which was released in 2008 to less than stellar reviews. Ford and Mangold have also teased that at least one flashback in Indiana Jones 5 will feature a “de-aged” version of Harrison Ford. The flashback will take place in the 1940s. In theory, this could show us Indy fighting Nazis after America’s entry into WWII. But then again, maybe there’s time travel.

Indiana Jones movies currently stream on Paramount+. But be sure to bookmark this page, because that could change in the future.

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