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How To Watch School House Rock Right Now

The best educational show from your childhood is still great.

Emma Chao/Courtesy Scholastic Rock/ABC; Fatherly; Getty Images

The creator of School House Rock, George Newall has died at 88. His legacy endures though, in what many still consider to be one of the greatest educational programs for children of all time. From 1973 to 1994 School House Rock taught generations of math, grammar, and the functioning of a democracy, all with snappy songs and unique animation.

In fact, as great as Word Party is for modern toddlers and Pre-K kids, School House Rock still feels like the gold standard for reinforcing the basic educational building blocks within a TV show that will engross elementary school-aged kids, without hitting them over the head with the lessons. Obviously, no TV show can be a substitute for actual education, but, other than Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, School House Rock feels like the first show for kids that really acts as both a helper to teachers and parents.

Here’s a guide to all the seasons of School House Rock and where to stream the show right now.

Where to stream School House Rock

As of December 2022, all of the classic School House Rock is streaming on Disney+.

If you don’t have Disney+, the only other way to stream School House Rock is to purchase individual episodes and seasons from other platforms, like Amazon or Google Play.

How many seasons are in School House Rock?

Disney+, Amazon, and Google, all break this up differently. Essentially, from 1973 to 2009, you’ve got seven different types of School House Rocks episodes that fall into the following groups:

  1. Multiplication Rock (1973)
  2. Grammar Rock (1973-1976, 1993)
  3. America Rock (1975-1976, 2002)
  4. Science Rock (1978-1979)
  5. Computer Rock (1982-1984)
  6. Money Rock (1994-1996)
  7. Earth Rock (2009)

Disney+ divides this into six seasons, ending with “Money Rock” as its season. This means the 2009 “Earth Rock” is harder to find, and if you need it, a DVD is your best bet.

However, Amazon Prime Vidoe does include “Earth Rock” as a season you can buy online, which they oddly call “Season 4.”

But, overall, if you’re looking for the classic show, Disney+ will give you that 1970s and 1980s magic.

Is School House Rock still good?

Yes! That said, modern parents should be made aware that much of the “Compute Rock” stuff from the ‘80s won’t hold up at all. And, the very famous “America Rock” segments about the history of the US, have a lot of animated guns and muskets.

Here’s that Disney+ School House Rock link one more time.