How To Watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood On PBS Or Amazon

Daniel Tiger is pretty much the biggest toddler show on the planet. But figuring out how to stream it, might be royaly tricky. Here’s what to know.

Daniel Tiger from PBS's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

A mix of adventures and education is a happy recipe for finding a television show that will keep kids entertained and parents guilt-free. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood created a new dimension to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, giving us a 4-year-old Daniel Tiger, son of the Tiger puppet from the original neighborhood. Many parents might already be familiar with the thoughtful PBS series, but figuring out exactly how to stream all of Daniel Tiger can be a bit tricky.

Here’s the breakdown from the neighborhood of make-believe.

How to watch Daniel Tiger for free

There are two ways to watch Daniel Tiger episodes for free.

How many seasons are there of Daniel Tiger?

Wikipedia will tell you that Daniel Tiger only has five seasons, but the truth is, there are six. As of September 2022, the sixth season is currently airing new episodes on PBS Kids.

HOWEVER. On Amazon Prime (likely your best bet to stream the show) the seasons aren’t organized like that, at all. In fact, if you only accessed Daniel Tiger through Amazon, you’d find there are 21 Seasons. So what gives? The answer is this: Amazon breaks up the seasons differently, likely for economic reasons. The way Wikipedia or PBS views the seasons is connected to the order in which the episodes were made.

So, for most parents, using Amazon Prime there are 21 Seasons of Daniel Tiger, even though there are really only six. Why does this matter? Well, if you’re trying to Google a specific episode your child has asked for, in order to determine which season it’s in, be aware that Google may use the Seasons 1-6 model, rather than the way Amazon sorts it.

How to Stream Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If you’re not watching Daniel Tiger on live TV on your local PBS station (who does that any more?) you’re streaming it. And for that, there are basically two options.

PBS Kids app: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated PBS Kids show, so it makes sense that new episodes can be viewed on the channel and the PBS Kids app. Watching on the app is a free option; however, you’re limited to only watching the live feed for free on the app or a select few episodes and clips of the show.

Unfortunately, to catch Daniel’s adventures on the free app, you’re pretty stuck watching when the show is scheduled or only watching the same episodes repeatedly.

Amazon Prime Video: Before March 2019, the whole catalog of seasons of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood was available to stream on Prime Video. However, following March 2022, PBS Kids confirmed most episodes would no longer be available through a Prime Video subscription.

Currently, there are a handful of episodes of Daniel Tiger to stream with a Prime Video subscription, but only “the first season” (recall what this means on Amazon.) So that’s only 10 episodes “free” with Prime.

Likely, you’re gonna need more than that. So, what do you do next? Well...

What’s the best way to stream Daniel Tiger AND get all the episodes available?

If you want access to the entire catalog of Daniel Tiger’s seasons and episodes, the best bet is to get an Amazon Prime Video subscription with the PBS Kids add-on.

Through the channel add-on, for an additional $4.99 per month, you’ll have access to 3,000 entertaining and educational episodes from our kids’ favorite shows, including Daniel Tiger and pals.

If you need Daniel Tiger on demand, this is literally the best way. Otherwise, you’re going to have to purchase individual seasons and/or episodes on Amazon or Apple TV/iTunes.

How to stream Daniel Tiger “movies”

To make things nice and confusing, there are also a few standalone Daniel Tiger features that are kind of like movies. These are basically longer episodes, but they’re separated out differently on Amazon. These “movies” are listed as follows:

Tiger Family Trip

This is just a long road-trip episode, that really doesn’t feel like a movie at all. However, it is 51-minutes long.

The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Again, essentially a 48-minute two-part episode. This “movie” introduced Jodi Platypus and her family.

To be clear, neither “movie” has that “big” feeling that other kids’ brands have when there’s a movie version of something. On the other hand, if you’re being strict about your child’s screen time, these extra-long episodes might be a good way to introduce them to the concept of longer narratives.

Can you watch Daniel Tiger in non-English languages?

If you watch Daniel Tiger on the PBS Kids website (free) there aren’t any closed-caption language options other than English. This is also true of the versions on Amazon Prime. So, for now, the answer is, no, you can’t watch Daniel Tiger in any language other than English.

How to watch Daniel Tiger offline

If you’ve got Amazon Prime and that PBS Kids add-on, you can often download specific episodes of Daniel Tiger directly to your mobile device. This means you can pre-load a tablet or phone with select episodes and not have to rely on streaming to watch the episodes.

There are also several DVDs and Blu-rays of the series.

You can learn more about Fred Rogers, and all of his creations (including Daniel) on the Fatherly podcast, Finding Fred.