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Uh-Oh. Nobody is Booking Disney’s $5000-a-Night Star Wars Hotel

We've got a bad feeling about this...

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Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel
Disney World

There’s been hype surrounding the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel since it was first announced. Some of the hype has been excitement for the immersive experience. But there’s also been a lot of backlashes. And now that the hotel is officially open and the first reviews have come through, the hotel is definitely not struggling to keep up with bookings because it looks like no one is interested.

The fully immersive hotel experience at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Disney World opened to its first paid guests on March 1. The hotel is designed to be exactly like the Halycon, a galactic cruise liner from the Star Wars universe. It’s filled with staff who are playing different characters from Star Wars.

It sounds like one of the most incredible experiences for fans of Star Wars. It’s an opportunity to vacation as if you were on another galaxy and no details seem to have been overlooked. But unlike most brand-new Disney perks, the hotel bookings haven’t been filled up even though there are only 100 rooms. It’s quite the opposite – it seems like the bookings aren’t quite as numerous as Disney had hoped.

Editor’s UPDATE: As of October 2022, the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was seeing a large uptick in bookings. The original story from March 2022, follows.

According to SF Gate, guests who want to plan their vacation at Galactic Starcruiser “will nearly have their pick of dates through the second half of 2022.” They note that “almost every day” in the later months of the year – August through December – have nearly all dates available. There are also bookings available in June and July as well.

The reason there is so much availability is likely related to the backlash that swept through before the hotel opened after the first look of the rooms was made available. The rooms are small – which holds true for what a room would look like on the fictional Halycon.

But without hotel perks like spas or a pool, and the fact that you still have to pay for your own food, people felt the price tag was way too high. For two adults, the starting price is around $5,000; for three adults and one child, it will cost close to $6,000. And that’s a whole lot! What are you gonna do, rob Jabba the Hutt for that?

But the price doesn’t seem to be about the rooms and amenities. “Reviewers tend to agree that the astronomical cost is about paying for the experience, not the rooms themselves,” SF Gate reports.

If you’re interested in being “inside a windowless bunker for two full days” you can check out the available dates and call in to book.

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