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Exclusive: Spidey and His Amazing Friends Gets New Baddies For Season 3

Which famous comic book characters are about to join Spidey for new adventures?

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Your youngest web-slingers are about to be caught up in another web, as the third season of Disney Junior’s Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends is about to premiere very soon. There’s nothing sinister about the number of six-year-olds who watch this series, which has consistently ranked as one of the top five most-watched cartoons for preschoolers in the United States. Since 2021, these kid versions of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Miles Morales have teamed up to take down all sorts of villains and make new friends (while also making time for band practice), and their latest season is about to up the ante.

Joining this super-powered group of web-heads is a trio of familiar faces from the comic books, including new allies and old foes. Fatherly has the exclusive scoop about which characters are about to swing into the world of Spidey and his pals, along with a sneak peek of a new song from the show, plus what you can expect from their upcoming season.

Who Are Spidey’s New Baddies?

An exclusive look at an upcoming song from season three of Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Season three of this series will continue the current “Web-Spinners” storyline, and lead into a multi-part story arc titled “Dino-Webs,” hinting that things are about to get prehistoric for this rocking group of arachnids. Speaking of rock, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump will return to continue making music for the show, with a preview of one of his upcoming songs in the video above.

Spidey and his Amazing Friends have faced off with many classic baddies during their past two seasons, including Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Sandman, and Electro. They’ve even been aided by some fan favorites like Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and most recently Thing and Lockjaw. Season three introduces a few more personalities from Marvel, including a pretty obscure one.

Helping Spidey and his buddies will be White Tiger, voiced by Kylie Cantrall. Since the character debuted in 1975, there have been five people to don the mantle over the years, with the most recent being Ava Ayala, the youngest sister of the first wearer of the costume. She’s frequently teamed up with Spidey in the comics and uses her White Tiget amulet to grant her enhanced strength, speed, and agility while battling baddies wherever she goes. A master martial artist, White Tiger also has razor-sharp claws at her disposal, along with the power to camouflage herself, making her the ultimate stealthy predator of the Marvel universe who thankfully uses her cat-like abilities for good.

The Lizard is no stranger to anyone who’s read a Marvel comic or ever watched a Spider-Man movie or cartoon. Curt Connors was one of the wall-crawler’s first enemies, arriving all the way back in 1963. Originally a brilliant surgeon and scientist who lost his right arm while serving in the military, Connors created a formula using reptilian DNA to regrow his limb, with the adverse side effect of turning him into an unhinged super-powered lizard-man.

Lizard started as an enemy but has changed into an occasional misunderstood ally depending on the situation. In season three of Spidey and His Amazing Friends, Lizard will be voiced by Bumper Robinson, and only time will tell if he’s a goodie or baddie. Either way, he’ll be a formidable addition to whatever side he ends up on.

Shouldn’t these Spider-friends be doing Swing music instead of rock?

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The third character joining the crew is an odd member of Spidey’s rogues gallery, and one older than Spidey’s solo comic series! Trapster debuted back in 1963, two months before Amazing Spider-Man #1, making him one of the web-heads oldest rivals. However, Trapster never really stuck, even though that’s the one thing he should have been good at.

Originally known as Paste-Pot Pete, Trapster renamed himself to better indicate his skills. What he lacks in special powers, Trapster makes up for in tech, with gadgets and weapons filled with glues, lubricants, and other adhesives. This tacky bad guy will be voiced by Deva Marie Gregory, and we hope she isn’t as clingy as her comic book predecessors!

There will likely be more new characters meeting up with Spidey’s crew this season, so stay tuned to see who else pops in from the Marvel Universe!

When Does Season Three of Spidey and his Amazing Friends Start?

The Spider-riffic trio is back for more action this January!

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The third season of Spidey and His Amazing Friends will debut on the same day on two different times and channels. On Monday, January 8, the premiere will first air on Disney Channel at 8:30 AM EST, followed by a Disney Junior premiere at 1 PM EST. The third season episodes will find their way to Disney+ as a batch not long after airing on TV.

It looks like Spidey and his friends will have their hands full in season three with these new baddies, plus the tease of some dinosaurs stomping around the city. With the power of friendship, not even a prehistoric menace with the mustache of J. Jonah Jameson could keep Spidey’s group from winning the day while keeping your kids entertained!

Spidey and his Amazing Friends is available on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior and streaming on Disney+.

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