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This Dad’s ‘Bluey’ Fan Theory Is Going Viral For a Bittersweet Reason

The beloved kid's show may be hiding a tragic backstory for Bluey's parents.

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World.Shaker/Tiktok; ABC

Is Bluey hiding a tragic subplot? According to one super-fan, the answer is a big yes. On TikTok, @world.shaker says: “This theory is that Bluey is a rainbow baby.”

For those not familiar with the term, rainbow baby refers to a child that is born after a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. So what makes him think that a goofy cartoon-like Bluey is actually hiding a tragic subplot in the background? According to Michael (world. shaker on TikTok), the theory starts with season 2, episode 16 when Bluey and her little sister Bingo dress up as their parents, with Bingo putting a balloon under her shirt to play their pregnant mom Chilli. The balloon pops and it cuts to Bluey’s dad Bandit grabbing his wife’s hand as they both look sad. Could this reaction be caused by them remembering their own experience with a pregnancy loss?

Michael explained that he believes the reason the show was subtle about this rather than directly addressing it like they have with divorce or even premature birth is that “there’s not really a great way to explain to a child what a miscarriage is.”

You can watch Bluey on Disney+.

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