Viral TikTok Reveals the Horrifying Secret Villain of ‘Bluey’

You can't unsee this.

BBC Studios

Like many other shows for toddlers, Bluey is full of a lot of little life lessons. Kids learn through Bluey and their adventures that it’s important to share, and that slowing down to enjoy the small things is never a bad idea. But, if you look closely enough, there’s a character in the show that appeals to the kids who like a little light-hearted villain behavior.

Samantha Martinez (@shushiibug on TikTok) posted a video that makes a compelling argument that there’s a character in the show that’s the secret villain: Buddy. Samantha breaks it down, looking at Season 2, Episode 45 titled “Handstand” where Bingo is celebrating his fifth birthday. At the party, all the regulars were there and Bluey’s and Bingo’s mom, Chili, preps the food for the party.

“So, you notice how Chili comes in and she moves that step stool over there, and then she puts whatever that is on top of those, right?” Samantha says over the video she posted to TikTok. “And then she puts the whipped cream on top.”

That’s when we see the villainous move by an unsuspecting character. There’s a lot of commotion in the kitchen so it’s easy to miss but Samantha didn’t miss it. Buddy, a pug, walks into the kitchen and pushes the step stool away from where Chili had it so he’s closer to the counter where she was prepping the food.

And then he makes the move. “He sticks his whole-a** hand in the whipped cream!” Samantha said. “And f*cking leaves! And guess who comes back in to f*cking use it to serve to people? F*cking Chili.”

Essentially, he sneaks in, contaminates the treats for everyone without anyone noticing, and reaps the rewards of his shenanigans. We later see Buddy licking his hand in the corner, cleaning off the whipped cream.

“I thought this was hilarious” Samantha wrote in the caption of her now viral share.

Other users shared on TikTok that this isn’t the only time Buddy can be seen running around and sneakily practice his villain skills. Now that we see it, we’ll be watching for more of Buddy’s escapades in the background.