Kids Are Going Viral With This ‘Bluey’ Toilet Prank — Are Your Kids Next?

It's just a matter of time before they pull out this joke.

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There are so many milestones in childhood that we get to relive as parents. Arguably one of the best milestones is when toddlers start to develop their sense of humor. Their jokes are simple, often silly, too. But it’s the laughter that erupts when they’re proud at making their parent giggle that solidifies this one. And if your toddler loves Bluey, the show has sparked a viral joke that toddlers are going viral for pulling on their parents.

If there’s one thing that we know for certain it’s the fact that toddlers love potty humor as much as they love clean jokes. They think everything and anything about using the washroom is the funniest thing ever. And it makes sense since the development of humor and being ready for potty training often happen at the same time – somewhere around two or three years old. And that’s why a prank toddlers learned from the show Bluey is taking over TikTok.

One TikTok user posted a video of her daughter doing a potty humor prank and mom wasn’t sure where her kiddo learned the joke from. The video shows her young toddler walking up to her and asking her to “open the lid” as she holds out one hand in a fist and the second laying flat on the closed fist. Next, the toddler asked her to “stick your finger inside and wiggle it around” before the final task of closing the lid.

“Thanks for cleaning my toilet,” the little girl says with a major giggle. Mom admitted she had “no idea where she learned that one from,” but she quickly discovered it was a prank her toddler likely learned on the children’s TV show Bluey.

In Season 2, episode 7 of Bluey, Bingo plays the same prank on her mom and the reaction on the show is the same as the toddler and mom in the viral TikTok video. After Bingo plays the prank on her mom, everyone giggles and mom wipes her finger, playing right into the joke.

Since the first video, there have been several videos on TikTok of other parents’ toddlers playing the same prank on them. And each one, the little kids fall into a fit of giggles. If your toddler hasn’t played this one on you yet and they watch Bluey, it’s probably just a matter of time.

You can watch Bluey on Disney+.

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