Phew! Turns Out Those Awful ‘Bluey’ Rumors Weren’t True

Can you hear that collective sigh of relief?

Bluey and family

There was a rumor floating around the internet last week that had some parents holding their breath. The rumor was circulating about our kids’ favorite TV show, Bluey. Some hints were being thrown around that it would be ending after the third season. But, very thankfully, it turns out those rumors are not true. Here’s what you need to know.

Last week, The Daily Mail said insiders of the beloved children’s TV show revealed the show would be ending really soon. The publication reported the voice actor for the star of the show, whose name has remained anonymous, might be growing too old to continue voicing the character.

“After four years and 130 episodes, the young actor’s voice has naturally matured leaving producers with the choice to either re-cast the role or — more drastically — end the show, insiders say,” The Daily Mail wrote.

Of course, it had parents worried and even though we had comfort that the reruns would live on until our kids latch on to another show, three seasons felt too soon. And thankfully it is too soon. Ludo Studio, the studio behind Bluey, addressed the rumors and put all our fears at ease.

“Some of you have spotted some online speculation on the future of #Bluey,” the show’s official Twitter account wrote on Wednesday. “We absolutely love the show and there are no plans to end it. The community of fans around the world continue to blow us away and if we ever had an update on Bluey’s future you’d hear it from us first.”

Ludo Studios also sent a statement to The Daily Mail Australia to confirm that plans for more seasons are still in the works.

“We absolutely love Bluey and there are no plans to end the show,” the studio explained. “We always finish a season before planning the next one and right now we’re halfway through series three and really excited about the future — we can’t wait to share new episodes.”

Bluey current has two seasons available to stream on Disney+ and a third season is just around the corner.