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21 Best Marvel And Avengers Jokes For Kids

The Earth's corniest jokes about the Earth's mightiest heroes…

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Despite tragic and epic events, the thing most adults remember from any given Marvel movie is the Avengers joking around. Who can forget Tony Stark nicknaming Thor “Point Break” in the first Avengers, in 2012? Or how about Spider-Man’s constant jokes about “old” movies like Aliens and The Empire Strikes Back? And then, there’s pretty much every single minute of Guardians of the Galaxy or the joke-fest that is Thor: Ragnarok. The wit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly part of why it’s beloved, but let’s be honest, a lot of the slicker jokes are designed for adults and not kids.

And yet, kids are almost certainly the real core demographic of the Avengers fanbase. So, are there Avengers jokes for kids? The answer is yes! Of course, those jokes are ridiculously corny. Here are 19 Marvel jokes for kids about the Avengers. The last two jokes we heard told by real kids, but the first 17 of these jokes are 100 percent original.

These jokes are also totally guaranteed to make young Marvel fans laugh, and older Marvel fans groan. Best of all: no spoilers! Let’s drop that joke hammer.

1. What do you call it when Peter Quill has nothing to do?


2. What does Groot say when he has a bunch of money?

I am loot!

3. Hey, do you think fixing the universe hard for Thanos?

No. Actually, it’s a snap.

4. What do you call Peter Parker when he wakes up in a bad mood?

Grumpy Neighborhood Spider-Man.

5. What is the name of Dr. Strange’s cousin who can’t do magic?

Doctor Normal.

6. When Dr. Strange is sick, who is his doctor?

Doctor Stranger.

7. Thor met a rabbit in the forest. What did he say?

Hello, raccoon.

8. What does Iron Man do before he takes a bath?

He gets Stark-naked.

10. What kind of spider likes to hang out at the Avengers headquarters?

A Black Widow.

11. What is the Hulk’s favorite song?

“It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

12. What did Steve Rogers say to Carol Danvers?

Marvelous work, Captain.

13. What’s always missing from Tony Stark’s kitchen?

The Pepper Potts.

14. What color are the lights in Wanda’s house?

I don’t know, but you turn them on with a Scarlet Switch.

15. Did you know Clint Barton’s brother has super smelling?

Yeah, they call him Hawk-nose.

16. What about Clint’s sister who spies on people?

I haven’t heard of her, but I guess she’s called Hawk-ears.

18. Why was Thor avoiding his brother Loki?

He Odin money.

19. Who is Thor’s favorite singer?

MC Hammer

20. Why can’t the Avengers agree on a favorite poem?

They’re all into the multiverse.

21. What does the Hulk say before jumping into the pool?


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