Best Places to Work for Dads Certification

Fatherly, the digital media brand for dads, has become a leading advocate for expanding workplace policies to improve the experience of working parents.

Leveraging the success and popularity of the annual 50 Best Places To Work For Dads franchise, Fatherly seeks to extend the benefits of its influence and expertise to help employers achieve better, parent-friendly standards.

Working in conjunction with issue experts in family-friendly workplace policies, Fatherly will now offer a Best Places to Work For Dads Certification to organizations that meet rigorous criteria.

The certification process requires companies to complete an efficient 30 response questionnaire that can be completed by one person in an hour (no workplace survey is required). Our goal is to focus on parental leave policy + how your culture enables people to take advantage of your policies.

Sample Question: What is the average duration of parental leave that fathers at your company take?

After a comprehensive evaluation, companies that meet Fatherly’s criteria will receive the Best Places To Work For Dads certification package that includes being highlighted in Fatherly’s Honor Roll, a custom report card or your performance (and how you stack up to the competition) and ability to license Fatherly’s Best Places to Work for Dads Certification seal for external use.

Companies that do not meet the requirements – or any company that wishes to improve their policies – will be provided with the opportunity to receive guidance from experts on how to strengthen them. Companies that do not meet the requirements are eligible re-apply for certification for free.

In an increasingly competitive labor market, meaningful employee benefits have become more important than ever to attract and retain top talent. At a time when all working parents demand greater levels of flexibility than ever before, Fatherly hopes to help companies create environments that are both attractive to both parents and employers alike.

For more information on the subject, click here to read The Fatherly Guide to Parental and Paternity Leave.



About Fatherly’s Best Places to Work For Dads franchise:

In addition to thousands of reported articles on parental leave, Fatherly’s annual 50 Best Places To Work For Dads has received tens of millions of impressions and recognized in the Washington Post, Time, USA Today, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, and The TODAY Show among dozens of other outlets.