Write For Fatherly

You know that young guy at the office who makes a bored face every time you talk about your kid? We’re not the guy. We don’t even like that guy. We want to hear your stories and talk about your strategies and get into it. That’s why Fatherly is looking for contributions from dads all over the country. That’s why we’re hoping you will write for us.

What We’re Looking for Right Now

The editors of Fatherly are perpetually hunting for fun and insightful stories about the trials and tribulations of parents, but we also like to zoom in on specific topics. Right now, this is what we’re obsessing about….

  • Little League: The season is starting up and fathers in towns across the country are already making questionable lineup decisions. Do you have stories about your experience as a player, parent, or coach you want to share? We’d love to hear it.
  • What to Watch: There are a lot of really crappy shows and movies out there. We all know this. But there’s also great stuff. Do you have something you’d recommend to other fathers that they might not know about? Do you have a drinking game that makes Paw Patrol fun? Do you have a show from the late 1980s that you love that you tricked your kid into watching with you? Tell us about it.
  • Getting Outside: Winter is over. It’s time to play in the yard or the woods or the park. Do you have games that you love, tricks you use to keep kids entertained on hikes, hikes you use to keep kids entertained on trips? Let’s get into it.
  • Funny Stories: We love to talk about feelings. We really do. We’re all in therapy and we’re all pretty sure that it’s helping. That said, a good laugh goes a long way.

How to Write for Fatherly

Let’s be real, if we just opened the floodgates, we’d be inundated with weird emails. It would be like that scene in Miracle on 34th Street where they dump the letters on Santa Claus, but Santa Claus would be played by a really pissed off intern. So please follow the submission guidelines below so that we can work together to make something awesome.

Read the site: We don’t mean to be rude about this, but you’ll understand what we’re looking for a lot better if you scope what we do.

Choose a type of story to write: We’re mostly looking for personal narratives (stories about an event that changed your thinking), parenting wins (descriptions of your unique parenting strategies that work), and op-eds (opinion pieces that offer a thoughtful and unexpected point-of-view on current events). If you’re thinking to yourself, “My story is an ineffable combination of those things,” please stop yourself. You’re about to write a bad story. Choose a strategy and stick with it.

Think about length and structure: We don’t want to be patronizing here (ironic, right?), but it’s important to make sure that the stories you write are fun to read. The best way to do that? Make sure that the premise, problem, or opinion is established efficiently in the first paragraph. From there, try to get to a conclusion in less than 1000 words if you’re writing a personal narrative, less than 700 if you’re writing about a parenting win, and less than 800 if you’re writing an op-ed. Lead with the most interesting stuff and then — this is the thing people often forget — take a beat and share some thoughts or feelings about it. We care about what you think and feel.

Write the damn thing: There’s no shortcut here, but there is something to keep in mind. Fatherly is a parenting site, which means that we publish a lot of stories about children. However, we are not a publication for children. Please use the same language you’d use to talk to a friend. (We do accept previously published blog posts, but would appreciate a heads up if the story is online elsewhere).

Read the damn thing: Seriously. That paragraph about how the Denver Nuggets are in league with the Illuminati can probably be deleted.

Send it our way: Send what you wrote to submissions@fatherly.com. We check the inbox daily so you can expect to hear back from one of our editors. Please also send along a two line bio that reads something like this: Mike Smith is a father of two and CPA living in Big Arm, Montana. He enjoys hunting with his teenage son and committing securities fraud with his 8-year-old daughter.

Work With Us: Writing and publishing are a collaborative endeavor. If we decide to move forward and publish your work, we’ll also be offering some edits and working on the headline. We want your work to be as strong as possible. If we make significant changes or feel like we might have tweaked your message, we’ll run the story by you before publishing.

Keep in mind… We can’t guarantee that all stories will be published. Some stories, it turns out, are horrifying. Others are horrifying to read. Yours is probably great though. Most actually are. Just giving you heads up here. We’re not Facebook. We have standards.


Want to submit a video of you doing something awesome or your kid doing something awesome or you watching your kid doing something awesome in an awesomely supportive way? Please do! Those file should be sent to video@fatherly.com.