What interested the Fatherly audience the most last month? Check out January’s most watched YouTube videos and find out what people like you are watching. Enjoy! ADVERTISEMENT Drag Kid Desmond is a ten-year-old aspiring Drag QueenAt only ten years old, Desmond Napoles is already an icon in the drag kid community. Inspired by Rupaul’s Drag Race Desmond... View Article


11 Most Watched Fatherly Videos on YouTube in January 2019

by Merin Pasternak

What interested the Fatherly audience the most last month? Check out January’s most watched YouTube videos and find out what people like you are watching. Enjoy!

Drag Kid Desmond is a ten-year-old aspiring Drag Queen

At only ten years old, Desmond Napoles is already an icon in the drag kid community. Inspired by Rupaul’s Drag Race Desmond aspires to become a drag queen when he’s older. Better known by his drag name, Desmond is Amazing, Desmond has walked in fashion shows, been featured in fashion magazines, and participated in the NYC Pride Parade. He does all this with the support of his parents, Wendy and Andrew. We traveled to Brooklyn to meet up with Desmond and his dad to talk about self-expression, empowerment, and how to death drop.

Dad Bod Transformation: I Tried to Get Rid of My Dad Bod in 30 Days | Dude Turned Dad, Episode 24

Evan had a kid, didn’t work out for seven months, and gained thirty pounds. Now he’s trying to get rid of his dad bod in 30 days, before he becomes a dead bod. Can Evan go from dad bod to fit bod (or dad god?) in this 30-day dad bod transformation workout challenge?

Stokke Xplory Stroller Review

Looking for the best lightweight strollers with a canopy? The Stokke Explory stroller is safe, adjustable, and has all the storage you would ever need. This is definitely on the list for best baby gear of the year. Check out more reviews like the Stokke Explory Stroller Review by subscribing to our channel.

Is Screaming at Your Kids a Form of Abuse?

What happens when you scream at your kids? Can screaming be considered a form of abuse? Our science editor Joshua A. Krisch breaks down the long-term effects on children’s brains and bodies when we yell at our children. With the exception of umpires, NASCAR pit crews, and political radio jocks, being a parent is one of the few occupations where yelling feels mandatory. The question isn’t why parents yell — there are myriad reasons — but what effect it’s having on children. And the growing scientific consensus is that yelling or scolding makes them more aggressive, more anxious. According to Dr. Laura Markham, founder of Aha! Parenting and author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting, shouting is something we can do without. But she’s also a realist. You get three hours of sleep a night, you’re going to lose your shit. The good news is that for those who sporadically go to 11, the psychological and emotional damage to a kid is minimal (assuming it’s not true verbal abuse). The bad news is those who are doing it constantly are setting up more shouting matches in the late-elementary school and teenage years. Here’s what’s actually happening when parents raise their voice.

Thule Urban Glide Stroller Review

The Thule Urban Glide stroller is the best stroller for parents who love to jog. The stroller has a canopy, is lightweight, and super safe. Need a stroller with storage? The Thule Urban glide has that too! If you’re looking for one of the best baby strollers on the market, check out our Thule Urban Glide stroller review.

Why Do Some People Always Want to Pop Their Spouse’s Pimples?

“For many people, there is a wonderful satisfaction that comes from popping a pimple — it’s almost euphoric,” says Traube. You not only relieve the physical pressure of the blockage, there’s a pleasant mental effect as well from the release of dopamine, your brain’s happy chemical. While that feeling of physical release is most immediate when popping your own pimples, you can get a similar emotional response from lancing another person’s zits too, Traube says. That vicarious thrill also helps to explain the bizarre popularity of online pimple-popping videos, like those of California dermatologist Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, whose massive YouTube following is now nearly three-million strong.

Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor Review

The Motorola MBP36S Wireless Video Baby Monitor is the best wireless non-wifi monitor that money can buy. The MBP36S has a nice wide 3.5-inch color screen and a camera you can tilt, pan, zoom remotely to make sure Junior’s best side is always on display. Other bells and whistles include adjustable infrared night vision, room temperature monitoring, a 2-way mic, and picture-in-picture viewing for up to 4 cameras. Subscribe to check out all the best baby monitor reviews you need to know about. Learn more about the Motorola MBP36S.

Nest Cam Indoor Baby Monitor Review

The Nest Cam Indoor High-Definition Baby Monitor isn’t technically a baby monitor, but the Nest Camera has all the features need in a safe baby monitor. It’s actually a high-def, wide-angle security camera with night vision that streams over WiFi to a smartphone app. Check out our Nest Cam review. While technically not a “baby monitor,” the Nest Cam has your kid covered while still integrating with those other Nest products that make sure you don’t burn to death in your bed. Which means you can watch Junior sleep from your favorite restaurant, rather than just the next room over. Learn more about the Nest Cam.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Unboxing, Gameplay, and Review

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro gameplay is perfect for solo battle and one-player with the app and all-out Nerf warfare with a friend using the Alpha Point guns. Joshua David Stein, editor at large, reviews the Nerf Laser Ops Pro and the Alphapoint 2pk. Would you let your kids battle it out with laser tag?

Why do kids tantrum?

“Tantrums are a negotiating tool,” Michael Potegal, pediatric neuropsychologist and tantrum expert at the University of Minnesota told me when I asked about the hissy fit. “We have neural programs for tantrums that have evolved. When kids are experiencing discomfort, whether physical or emotional, they’re likely to erupt into tantrums as a pre-programmed way of trying to rectify the situation.” Potegal should know. In 2011, he was part of a team of researchers who sewed tiny microphones into onesies to record the vocal patterns behind how kids tantrum. The group found that tantrums thrown by children all over the world follow similar, specific patterns. Their research adds to the growing body of evidence that the anatomy of a tantrum is less nurture than nature.

Sphero Bolt Robot Review and Unboxing

The new Sphero Bolt is here — and can you handle one of the best STEM toys of 2018 AND 2019? In this Sphero Bolt unboxing and review, editor-at-large Joshua David Stein uncovers the tricks to coding and programming the robot … and also makes one very strange art piece.