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The Weed Whacker Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer Belongs In Your Grooming Arsenal

It’s a trimmer to trust.

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Manscaped Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer
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Furry ears and nostrils are an unfortunate effect of aging, and one that must be kept under control. Sure, it’s important to trim those coarse hairs for general appearance’s sake (no one wants people talking about how it looks like they have a paint brush lodged in their nose) but also health: The more ear or nose hair you have, the higher the chance there is of bacteria becoming trapped and leading to infection or poor hygiene. Now, you don’t want to remove all of these hairs (nose hair in particular is important when it comes to trapping dust and other allergens) but keeping them in shape is crucial.

Attacking these errant whiskers with scissors or tweezers is not a great tactic, as this can lead to painful bumps, ingrown hairs, and even infection. That’s why a proper nose and ear hair trimmer is such an important part of your grooming arsenal. And if you’re in need of one, the Manscaped Weed Whacker is an excellent option.

The Weed Whacker is part of Manscaped’s family of grooming products, all of which are named after lawn equipment (their below-the-belt groomer is the “Lawn Mower”; their safety razor is “The Plow”, etc.). The product is smartly designed and capable of safely removing fuzz from sensitive areas. It’s wireless, waterproof, and USB rechargeable, with a 90-minute runtime, which is plenty for its purpose. Designed for trimming both nose and ear hair, it features a 360-degree rotary dual blade that, like other trimmers, snips hairs as it spins. The company’s “skin-safe” blade technology is engineered to prevent any nicks or ingrown hairs.

Normally, nose and ear hair trimmers resemble electric toothbrushes in that they’re more or less designed in a straight line. However, the Weed Whacker notably sways from that trend in that its head features a slightly curved 23-degree angle. Nose and ear canals are not without bends, and this angle was chosen to better match those contours.

That angle works well to get the job done, and the Weed Whacker quickly and capably trims nose and ear hair without much fuss. The contoured handle is nice to grip, and the waterproof design makes it easy to rinse off the blade after every use. That blade is also replaceable, costing $15-$20 (it’s generally recommended that you replace the blade every 2-3 months depending on use).

The best thing we can say about the Weed Whacker is that it does its job and does it well. While it’s certainly a bit pricier than other models (it’s about $15 dollars more), it’s designed well, simple to use, and one of those grooming products that will make it much easier to handle one of the many annoying maintenance tasks that comes as you age.

Tips For Using An Electric Trimmer

  • Always hold the trimmer right outside of your nostrils or ear canal (never place the blade directly inside of your nose or ears).
  • Trim every 2-3 weeks to keep things from getting out of control
  • Don’t get too zealous - just trim the hair that’s visible outside of your nostrils. If you want to go a bit deeper, use your finger to push your nose up to get a better view
  • If you moisten your nose hairs a bit with a wet washcloth, it’ll separate the nose hairs and make them easier to see

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