The Best Quilted Coats To Get You Through Winter

It’s time to bundle up, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing on style.

Evgenij Yulkin/Stocksy
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When rough-and-tumble winter weather strikes, you need the right coat on your shoulders, and that’s just an indisputable fact. But how best to toe the line between form and function, between a coat that keeps you warm and does so while staying stylish enough to fit in with most of your everyday looks? The answer lies in finding one of the best quilted coats, then wearing the heck out of it all winter long.

Despite the name, they’re not made of actual quilts. The name comes from the classic quilted design. They’re typically filled with natural or synthetic fibers (also why they’re so toasty). Quilted coats are a more rugged winter jacket style than a peacoat or a topcoat, which tend to work better with slightly more elevated looks featuring chinos or winter tailoring. Think of a stylish quilted jacket like your everyday go-to when you want to dash out the door – throw it on atop blue jeans and a classic flannel shirt without thinking twice or missing a beat, for example.

Some of the best quilted coats boast hearty down insulation, handy hip or chest pockets for your EDC, and sometimes a hood to take on blustery winter winds. Remember: The higher the insulation rating, the warmer you’ll be. The best quilted coats are mostly casual and a touch rugged, but nothing if not effective and versatile to take you from point A to point B in style.

Find the right one, and you can even wear it for winter performance activities, like a day on the slopes – or, just keep your new favorite quilted coat handy for a bit of apres-ski style. Don’t get left out in the cold: Shop the best quilted coats for winter ASAP.