Finish Strong: These Are The Best Late-Summer Shorts For Men

The days may be getting shorter, but there’s still time to up your shorts game, once and for all.

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We may be on the downward slope of summer, rolling slowly toward fall, but there’s no reason to ride out the remaining weeks of summer in the same old shorts. The season is still in full force, and you’ve got the sweat marks to show for it. Consider this a golden opportunity to up your shorts game, once and for all.

Comfortable as shorts are – and should be – that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be chosen as thoughtfully as everything else in your wardrobe. There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about wearing shorts this summer.

First, you need to find the right style and price for your budget (we did the leg work for you here). Next, find the right length (we’ve got you covered there, too). Most men’s shorts are cut to three common lengths, by inseam: 5 inches, for showing off some thigh; 7 inches, the length suitable for most guys; and shorts with a 9-inch inseam, or the taller fellas among us. We dive into each below.

And finally, allow yourself to have a little fun with color and pattern this summer. The best men’s shorts for summer clear each of these bars quite handily. These are our favorite pairs to shop, buy and wear all season long (or what's left of it).

Best All-Around

Best For The Beach

Best Deal

Best In Comfort

Best Biggest Statement

Best For Going Out

Best To Beat The Heat

Best For Toned Legs

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