The Best Designer Underwear For Men Right Now

Show your top drawer some major love by upgrading your underwear collection.

AleksandarGeorgiev / Getty Images

There’s a certain push and pull in the menswear world, a dividing line some argue tells you when to skimp and when to save on your clothing purchases. Frugality is all well and good, but make sure you chase deals and sales on your nonessentials like a patterned button-down or collectible pair of sneakers. But if you look to skimp on the basics you will come to regret it.

We’re talking T-shirts and socks, sure, but we’re also talking about the need to buy better underwear. As with anything in life, when you’re using an inferior product – in this case, wearing an inferior pair of bargain-bin underwear – you can absolutely feel the difference.

If you’ve been in this boat before, you know it can throw your whole look and your entire day off. Now does it sound like a big deal to buy better underwear? You bet.

The right fabric and fit makes all the difference, and your underwear drawer is one area where we say it sure does pay off to spend more. Plus, you’re not only buying better underwear for yourself, if you catch our drift. Do yourself a favor and invest in some of the best underwear for men, then thank us later. Here are three categories to get your shopping search started.

The Best Briefs

The Best Boxers

The Best Bikini Underwear