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Taika Waititi And The Scruffy Beard And Mustache Combo

Pining for facial hair that’s easy to maintain but still brings stand-out style to the table? Taika Waititi’s simple combo is the ticket.

by Bryan Levandowski
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Taika Waititi’s mid-length mustache and five or so days of beard scruff combo may be the result of an easygoing grooming routine, but it is anything but unkempt. In fact, it tosses aside any negative connotations that once applied to the term “scruffy” and matches his overall vibe. It’s the perfect everyday style that requires minimal effort and redefines casual.

Gareth Cattermole/ Getty Images

Why It Works

Waititi’s look goes heavy on texture, taking the rich, multifaceted look of his salt and pepper hair all the way down his face.

  • The overall style just looks good on his individual face–the scruff traces the natural angles and contours of his cheeks and jawline while the tidy mustache that’s a few shades darker ties the look together.
  • It makes him look younger. It’s a known fact that a few days’ worth of scruff tends to look youthful, and Waititi’s take is no exception.

How You Can Make It Work

As effortless as the scruff and stache combo appears, it does require the tiniest bit of grooming to really come together. After letting your beard grow for a few days, begin to trim it every so often to lock in the length, while allowing the mustache to keep growing. At the same time, keep the mustache trim and tight around the lip so it doesn’t overshadow the scruffy beard. Once a week or so, trim upwards from the neck until just above the Adam’s apple to preserve a nice, tight beard shape.

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