Running? Golf? Watching TV? No Matter The Activity, There’s Probably A Sock Designed For It

Making the case for different socks for different activities.

by Maria Cassano
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You can never have enough socks, but do you ever find yourself wearing the same pair for lounging as jogging? You have different outfits for working out, going out to dinner, or walking the dog because the comfort and style needs are different, and the cult-favorite brand Bombas would like to convince you that adjusting your outfits for the activity should apply to your socks, too.

With workout socks featuring compressive arches, extra cushioning at the balls and heels of the feet where your body experiences tons of impact, and made of moisture-wicking materials — and lounge-focused footwear with skid-resistant grippy bottoms and breathable 70% Supima cotton for comfort, it’s convincing.

If you’ve never heard of the brand, Bombas is known for making ridiculously comfortable socks, and for donating a pair of socks to homeless shelters for every pair purchased. Some notable design elements you’ll find include a honeycomb design that gently compresses the arch of your foot to help with circulation, hand-linked seams to cut down on chafing, and Y-stitched heels that creates a natural-feeling cup around the back of your foot.

Plus, if you try them and they’re not for you, the company offers a so-called Happiness Guarantee, that offers free returns including shipping. They’ll also exchange wrong sizes or replace damaged items without hassle. (Apparently, your dog chewing up your socks is a valid reason to request a replacement.)

Scroll on for five socks tailored to make your feet more comfortable during any activity.

1. The Grippy Socks

2. The One For Workouts

3. The No-Show

4. The One For Slides & Sandals

5. The All-Around Performance Socks

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