Simu Liu’s Long Sleeve Knit Polo Is The Shirt For The Season

The knit polo is a dressed-up version of the otherwise sporty classic, and here’s how to make it work for any occasion.

by Bryan Levandowski
Simu Liu wearing a Long Sleeve Knit Polo
RB/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

While a regular pique polo is great for a million and one occasions, sometimes you just want something a bit dressier, but without having to venture into button-down shirt territory. That’s where the knit polo comes in. Thanks to a more sophisticated design, such as the zig-zag texture worn by actor Simu Liu, a knit polo is a bit less sporty than its more common cousin but still affords just as much comfort and versatility.

RB/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Why It Works

  • The tailored silhouette and customary collar automatically give the polo shirt a more elevated look above a t-shirt, meaning you can get away with wearing it for various a-step-above-casual occasions.
  • Knit polo shirts are often made with synthetic threads that help create unique patterns, adding both texture and an interesting sheen–perfect for taking a casual look up a few notches.

How You Can Make It Work

Rocking a knit polo with aplomb requires the same rules as making a traditional polo look great: it’s all about a proper fit. Polos aren’t meant to be boxy, and even guys with fuller shapes can find polos that are tailored for a proper, flattering fit. It may take some poking around or even a visit to your tailor (yeah, some guys even have their polo shirts tailored), but the difference is well worth the investment.

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