Silver Lining

Patrick Dempsey’s Grey Hair Is (Still) A Sight To Behold

How does one go grey with style? This 56-year-old has the secret.

by Bryan Levandowski
ATPImages / Getty Images

If only we could all age like Patrick Dempsey. The 56-year-old sports what one might call a weathered look — like someone who has been at an Italian beach side for a month or so. But it’s the hair, the perfectly greying hair, that is a standout, as it has been since his role on Grey’s Anatomy some 17 years ago. It’s enough to make any man want to lean into their grey years — as you should, especially if you take care of your hair like Dempsey does.

Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images

How You Can Make It Work

  • Dempsey’s short, textured style shows off the natural texture of his salt-and-pepper hair while looking youthful and modern.
  • He keeps it well-groomed with a matte finish clay product that provides hold and texture without weight or shine.

How You Can Make It Work

To be fair, any haircut you like on yourself can work in grey or salt-and-pepper, but if you’re looking to change up your style, take a cue from Patrick Dempsey and ask your barber to spend extra time adding texture. Not only does it show off the variations between the different hues of grey going on in your hair, it also makes it easy to style and get a finished look that’s clean and refined, but still a bit rugged.

Keep Grey Hair Looking Healthy