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How To Get Miles Teller’s Top Gun Mustache

Been eyeing Miles Teller’s iconic Top Gun mustache? Here’s how he makes it work and how to create the look at home.

by Bryan Levandowski
 Miles Teller’s 'Top Gun' Mustache

If the new sequel Top Gun: Maverick were a theme park attraction, Miles Teller’s mustache would be the perfect souvenir. On one hand, it’s simple and accessible, the type of ‘stache any guy could get for himself by letting it grow for a few days, then trimming it to the ideal length for this face. On the other, it completely changes his look, turning his characteristic baby face into something more serious. Add a pair of mirrored aviators for a look that’s well, Top Gun.

Kurt Krieger - Corbis / Contributor

Why It Works

  • It’s all about the right length: any shorter, and it would look misplaced. Any longer, and the room would be filled with porn ‘stache jokes. The length fits his face and style with aplomb.
  • The way Teller has groomed and shaped it keeps it thin and low to the lip, so it’s subtle but still makes a statement.

How You Can Make It Work

Like we said, this type of mustache is quite accessible: simply let your facial hair grow for a few days, then shave around it to give it a nice shape and trim it every few days to keep the length. The key to making it work for individual faces, however, may take some practice. Guys with larger upper lips may want extra width, while a thinner shape may be a better fit for smaller faces. Have fun finding the optimal look for you.

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